Giveth & Taketh Away

That’s electricity! It was amazing! The AC was freezing! It’s all good with my 200 FEET of extension cords!  I was living it up! Then Saturday I come home to Mizzou being way too excited to see me. Turns out some mug unplugged my house. Dude! You can’t just unplug someone’s house!  Doubled up and […]

Under Cover

Last night we crawled into the bed closest to the AC. Since then we’ve slept in and decided to stay in. We’ve got cable. It’s football all day, that’s what normal us would have done. 

Oh, by the way

There are times where even I have to ask myself, “what have you done?” I’m kind of there now BUT I am choosing all of this. This is me redefining my own success. I am choosing less house and more life. Let’s look at it this way, living in a motorhome for a couple of […]