Day 30 of WTH Am I Doing Pt 1:

I took my first real indoor hot shower in almost a week. Just like I’m amazed that this all started only a month ago, I can’t believe it’s been almost a week. No one seems to know my address which means I can’t get power. At the earliest, it will be Monday. Without the flooring plumbing can’t be put back in. Someone asked me the other day if it really was that bad, yes. Yes it is. On the other hand someone asked me why don’t tonight I just watch tv and relax?
So decisions have been made:
1.) I’m going to need a camping lantern and a battery operated fan.
2.)  I am most definitely going to have a link to donate to help homeless kids. This is rough. I’m going to to stick it out because it won’t be this way forever, but there’s a lot of kids out there who really do live like this. I want to help them. Taking suggestions, I’m going to investigate Carolina Youth Development Center though I don’t know if it covers what I am most concerned about.

Day 29 of WTH Am I Doing:

Let’s talk about triumphs and exciting news! With a handy paper clip I was able to unlock the bathroom door! Just a recap there, can’t get the RV door to latch but I can lock myself out of the bathroom. Tomorrow night, I’m making my way to permanent pastures. Not going to discuss, don’t want to jinx it. Just everyone send good vibes/prayers/thoughts this way. I’m secretly terrified to leave the safety of the fenced in backyard.

Now the super exciting! I’ve been asked to write a guest blog spot on Money Q&A! You should go check them out, Hank is a genius and an amazing human being who has great taste in a wifey. This came about days ago so why wait to share?  Well, I’ve been thinking about it, if I start sharing on a public platform, should I go public myself? Should #MuffyOnTheMove move onto the world outside of my friends? If you didn’t know me, would you care about any of this? What do we think? Go blog or go home? (It’s funny bc I am so borderline homeless) 

But  wait Muff! You’re writing about this on your blog right now! It’s the magic of the internet. Most of my posts are backdated from my personal Facebook. While most of them transitioned seamlessly, this one wouldn’t. It seemed too important of a post to cut out the debate and there was no way to carry it over. There you have it, you caught me! I was lucky enough to bridge the two that way everyone is on the same page! Nothing is lost! And my FB friends can take a breather from all the crazy posts.

Would You Like a Goose Egg With That?

It took 4 days, but it finally happened. I finally sat right up in bed and banged my head. I think it knocked some sense back into me. This morning I woke up with a fire lit and kind of angry. So what if I don’t know how to put subflooring in an RV yet? People are building tiny houses who don’t know what claw hammers are. I got this. Google and I have got this.

Day 27 of WTH Am I Doing:

Let’s talk about the not fun stuff. I spend an obscene amount of my time crying. Sometimes it’s the obvious like getting a huge splinter when I braced myself from stepping on a missing portion of the floor or from an overall meltdown fueled by exhaustion when wondering really wth am I doing with my life? There’s been a surprisingly amount of crying from texts of people informing how terrible a friend I am being. I get it. I’m being incredibly self centered, I’ve already covered that (see Day 21). Mostly, I end up crying because it’s really hard trying to hear the beat of your own drum when people are trying to drown it out with criticism. In no way do I think what I’m doing is for everyone else. Hell, it probably isn’t even for anyone else. That’s just it though, this is for me. This is me doing what I need to do and making the sacrifices I need to in order to get where I want to be. Some of the sacrifices are short term like splinters and washing my hair after dark with a garden hose. Some of them a little longer term like square footage, belongings, and sadly a few friends. This isn’t all a fun adventure. Words hurt just as much as splinters. Now, if you’ll excuse me, the sun has gone down and I need to wash my hair. 

Day 25 of WTH Am I Doing:

I showered in the tub with a garden hose that we fed through the window. I am beyond Uncle Eddie at this point. Why? Well, because we took out the water lines! Duh.

Remember that steal of a deal I made on the RV? Psych! It really isn’t that bad, just the fridge fell through the floor into the wheel well. Which led to the whole RV being gutted and new flooring going down tomorrow. Hollar if you come across any free kitchen cabinets! On the upside, I‘m clean and laying my head down on my extremely expensive, special sized RV mattress in a safe location. It was a good day. Oh! And super big exciting news that will have to wait until tomorrow because really I can’t top showering with a garden hose and a small concern I might wake up next to a raccoon who has crawled up through the semi exposed wheel shaft. Maybe this is how we get our own Pumpkin the Raccoon wanna be. I’m probably going to need adding a rabies shot to my current list of needing a tetanus shot.

Day 23 of WTH Am I Doing:

Big RV news! It’s been driven on the road! It’s ready! I decided to stay on in the hotel an extra night. Being sick has not been helpful. I ache all over. Also, being sick in a hotel: best plan ever. Tons of errands to make up for tomorrow then first night in the RV tomorrow night! Which is crazy exciting and scary. Like am I going to get robbed? I’m scared of the bathroom. Know what? Not going to think about that. Got an expensive, oddly sized mattress and flamingo sheets. It’s going to be awesome. Me and the creatures. Look forward to a Box Dropping Party soon! Many hands lighten the load!