Travel Tip Tuesday: Lost in Paris

Where were we? Right, sixteen year old Muffy gallivanting around Europe. If you remember, yesterday I told you about my puppy love and hijinks in Hyde Park all made possible by my absent chaperone. As a teenager with her first real taste of freedom, it was glorious. As an adult, looking back I realize how irresponsible. 

Who thought it was a good idea to let a chaperone who had never been out of the country and didn’t speak any foreign languages be our charge? Our co-chaperones were her college age daughter and one of her friends (I think). 
The chaperone was relishing in her own first trip abroad. It gave us all the opportunity to run wild, which we did…until it got out of hand. 
We were in Paris, only the second city of our trip. We had been gone only a few days. We were supposed to be going to Moulin Rouge only our chaperone was drunk, too much wine.  No help at all. As the sun set, we all started to realize even if we didn’t know where we were supposed to be, this was definitely not it. 

I called my mother collect. “Where am I? I don’t know Mom, somewhere in the red light district.” I’ll give Mom this, when she’s Mom she is on point. Her daughter called from the other side of the ocean in need of an adult. She didn’t panic, she didn’t yell; I’m sure she saved that for the principal. She asked me if I had my American Express card. She told me to call the number on the card. 

American Express got me to my hotel. They still offer “I’m 16 and lost in the red light district of another country” help. In my time as a Vacation Savant, I urged guests to book their vacations with the AmEx card if they had one. They have excellent travel insurance built in just by booking with the card. 

There are lots of cards out there with offers of points. I’m not saying choose American Express. What I am saying is when you choose your in “case of emergency” credit card, make sure you look at what emergency it offers assistance. 

It Is My New Theme Song

So I’m buying a sailboat. Do I know what I’m doing? Of course not. In my defense, there have been tons of things I’ve done when I had no clue what I was doing. Tons of stuff before google, YouTube, and smartphones. Like, my car. My car is a stick shift. I didn’t know how to drive a stick when I bought it. 10 years later, automatics throw me off. This will be fine. 

This is absolutely going to be fine. I’ll take some classes. On the east coast it is $1500 for a sailing course, $2500 in the Bahamas, and only $500 out west. Obviously, I’ll go west and take some classes. If I hop from California to Hawaii then I’m debating keeping going on to Asia. In my head, I’m already over that way…I should just go on over to Australia…take all kinds of sailing classes! Not actually sail to those places. Take sailing classes in those places. 

The particulars will have to wait until I get dates. I’ll need warm weather for learning (no mas winters!), but no sailing during hurricane season. It would be my guess that buying a boat in the summer is probably a bit more expensive than the winter months. Again, I have no clue. And that’s the point. No, not that I’m winging it. The point is I think I need a boat broker. Does that exist? Big, huge red flags start waving anytime I find a boat that I like in my price range. Since I’m not keen on dying, bringing in an expert is probably the better plan. Research begins. Adventure awaits! 

Day 32 of WTH Am I Doing: My Brief Encounter with AC and Power

Praise Jebsus of Cheddar Cheese! The generator has arrived! With the hopes of cooler or at the very least circulating air, I’m snagging a shower. The idea of being cleaned has me feeling frisky enough for a game of “stabbed or amazing tacos” then overseeing the driveshaft installation and the awning opening to stop the RV from being a baking tin. If laundromats have AC, that might be my Sunday night plan since I can charge my phone while I’m there. Floors were a ridiculous plan. How am I supposed to cut the wood without electricity? High hopes of tomorrow. I may have the generator, but unless I hit the laundromat, this may be all you hear of me today. Oh snap! Remind me when I have full battery to tell you about the creepiest ice cream truck ever.

Day 30 of WTH Am I Doing Pt 1:

I took my first real indoor hot shower in almost a week. Just like I’m amazed that this all started only a month ago, I can’t believe it’s been almost a week. No one seems to know my address which means I can’t get power. At the earliest, it will be Monday. Without the flooring plumbing can’t be put back in. Someone asked me the other day if it really was that bad, yes. Yes it is. On the other hand someone asked me why don’t tonight I just watch tv and relax?
So decisions have been made:
1.) I’m going to need a camping lantern and a battery operated fan.
2.)  I am most definitely going to have a link to donate to help homeless kids. This is rough. I’m going to to stick it out because it won’t be this way forever, but there’s a lot of kids out there who really do live like this. I want to help them. Taking suggestions, I’m going to investigate Carolina Youth Development Center though I don’t know if it covers what I am most concerned about.

Day 28 of WTH Am I Doing:

There’s nothing really new, mostly I just feel like I need to leave everyone on a better note than yesterday. The rain has sufficiently stopped everything. I can’t move the RV in the rain. I can’t work on the RV in the rain. Really all I can do in the RV in the rain is discover things that need to be fixed. I know it’s been a lot of RV lately and not a lot of tiny house on wheels. It seems like there’s just a lot of going over the same stuff in different ways. All of it getting closer to when the Iron Curtain momentarily comes down (which might be torture for me). You have to be quiet when you’re trying to slip through a loophole.

Fun fact: you thought Pinterest was a rabbit hole, you should check out RV blogs. I absolutely positively have to get on the roof this weekend. Steve from the RV forum said I need to check the mounting gasket for the AC and Bill told me how easy it is to install a skylight over the old chimney. I’ve also decided that if I’m going to get grouped in with RV peeps, I want the old people with matching Hawaiian shirts and suspenders over the NASCAR ones. So Saturday if anyone wants to wear a matching Hawaiian shirt with me or spot me while I attempt to get up on the roof, you’d be more than welcome!

Day 23 of WTH Am I Doing:

Big RV news! It’s been driven on the road! It’s ready! I decided to stay on in the hotel an extra night. Being sick has not been helpful. I ache all over. Also, being sick in a hotel: best plan ever. Tons of errands to make up for tomorrow then first night in the RV tomorrow night! Which is crazy exciting and scary. Like am I going to get robbed? I’m scared of the bathroom. Know what? Not going to think about that. Got an expensive, oddly sized mattress and flamingo sheets. It’s going to be awesome. Me and the creatures. Look forward to a Box Dropping Party soon! Many hands lighten the load!

Day 18 of WTH Am I Doing:

How has it only been 18 days?! There’s so much to tell! Two days of yard sales are done! Tons of stuff left (please come take some stuff). Tomorrow is the last day in the house. Two nights in a hotel then we move into the RV (hopefully). Super thanks to all the offers to stay with you, but for reals after all this work a staycation will be fab. Hello central AC! Since Aretha is mostly an outdoor cat, I feel like it will be less stressful for her to hangout outside for 2 days instead of going to the vet to hangout. Any cat people have an opinion on this?

I am even financially on what I’ve spent on the RV with what I made from the yard sale with a tiny bit towards the tiny house. Money saving lot is back on! AND I got a FREE trailer to build on! I think next weekend the trailer gets set up, the weekend after the framing drops in, then 3 weekends from now interiors? I don’t know, it’s all a guess. This is what the hotel stay will be to think over. I can’t even get this house cleared out though I do work well on a time crunch! Speak now if you want to swing a hammer or bring over a beverage over to watch. Or speak not, I’ll be asking again when I’ve got details.
Dan, the guy I bought the RV from on Craigslist, has been helping tons and been crazy patient on giving input on the 12 million sets of plans I’ve sketched up. He’s been crazy helpful overall. Fixing the RV, Home Depot AND Lowe’s trips, upholstery, plans, setting up Friday night for the yard sale. Some of you even met him at the yard sale. Seems like maybe that vow of us becoming best friends was a little short of how things have panned out. Tons more to tell, I don’t want to bore y’all so I’ll attempt to break it up over the next few days/weeks! Happy adventures!

Day 6 of WTH Am I Doing:

The motorhome that was bought sight unseen has been seen! A thrill shot through me when I drove up! One that I tried to hold onto after I went inside. It needs work. The mechanics DK Auto are quickly becoming my new best friends. No. Really. I gave the owner my friendship bracelet. After a crazy weekend that overflowed into Monday, I realize I can’t do this in 10 days. Well, I can just not this and everything else going on. I’m going to push my deadline back to Labor Day. Sunday the RV gets a professional deep clean. Next up painting and flooring. Taking volunteers and giving out beer.