What’s a Few Thousand?

Yesterday, I crossed over 25,000 words just over a week early. Halfway done with the NaNoWriMo word count and I’m feeling awesome. My hands, not so much. 
Definitely cramping going on over here. I’ve started stretching them and rolling on the IcyHot. I conceded and took today off any for real typing. 

Not even going to hint at my own personal word count goal for tomorrow. Do have a write in to help move that along! Fingers crossed! 
PS I dognapped a dog today and absolutely no regrets. 

Oh, I’ll Be Damned!

Instead of Where I’ve Been Wednesday, we’re doing a Where I’m Going Wednesday. I know, it just isn’t the same without alliteration. You’ll have to bear with me until NaNoWriMo is over.

After two unsuccessful attempts trying to hear The Chainsmokers do their hits, I made a plan. We all know I’m pretty determined once I set my mind to something and The Chainsmokers were in my sights. Y’all, I’m just too old for 3am shows even in Vegas. At one point, I finally decided I would get back on East Coast time then head back to Vegas. My thinking was that I would just wake up at 6am EST then hit the club all fresh eyed and bushy tailed at 3am PST. Genius right?

But really, when do my plans ever really pan out? Adapt, evolve, carry your passport with you at all times! It just so happens that The Chainsmokers are doing iHeartRadio‘s Jingle Ball. Of course, not anywhere near me or anywhere warm. My only comfort is that it isn’t even warm in Vegas right now. Where are they going to be? Chicago…in December.

Funny enough, they are the same exact dates that I was freezing in Chicago seeing my life flash before my eyes when I slipped on a patch of ice on the roof of a billion story building all while on Facebook live. God help me. You can find the video on MuffyOnTheMove Fb. Lesson learned there! No matter how great they tell me the view is going to be. Add Kesha to the lineup with the chances to hug Charleston friends, I just couldn’t resist. I mean, come on! Kesha shoots glitter out of cannons! She’s my musical spirit animal.

Trust me, I went back and forth for weeks. So much of me wanted to snag one of Frontier’s $40 round trip sale tickets from Atlanta to Miami instead. Spirit has direct flights from Atlanta to Chicago for $63…it all just lined up even with the prospect of snow. I’d say “get ready Chicago!” but I’ll probably be too cold to get wild.


How’s It Driving Gwen?

Remember that free car giveaway? Last spring, I got to do one of the coolest things on my journey and that was hand over the keys for the car giveaway winner, Gwen. I know you’ve all been curious as to how she’s doing. Well, I’ve got an update for you! She has made some big changes in her life including moving back to California. Let me tell y’all, I was holding my breath when I heard that. Could you imagine how terrible it would have been if that car broke down on the way?! They both made it like champs! While in California, I got to get to know her and I couldn’t be more proud. What am I saying? I’ll let you hear it from her in her own words….

I’ve been home for two months now. I traveled 2,500 miles from Florida to California in my car that I was blessed with winning. I have had so many opportunities that I have been able to accept because of having my own car. I was able to move all of my belongings to California and saved a large amount of money instead of buying a plane ticket or renting a Uhaul. When I got home I was able to find two jobs and enroll in college for the fall semester. I can make it to work and school on my own and use this blessing I have gotten to safely get to where I need to go to fulfill my dreams of getting an education and becoming a successful business owner one day. Since I have been home I have also had the pleasure of getting to know Muffy on a personal level and not only has she changed my future but she has become an amazing friend and part of my family. She is an impeccable role model and is someone I highly look up to. She has taught me one very important thing and that is to know what you want and do whatever it takes to make it happen. I didn’t just get a car, I got job opportunities, a chance to better my education and my future, and I also got a life long friend and family member. In 5 years I will be a successful business owner living my dream and doing what I am passionate about and there is no way that I could ever thank Muffy enough for giving me that. My life is coming together and making my goals and dreams a possibility in the near future! 

         Thank you for the blessing!
Sincerely,  Gwen

I’m not crying! You’re crying! I think I speak for all of us when I say, we can’t wait to see where the world takes our little Gwen!


Straight Down A Rabbit Hole

Am I writing? No, instead I’ve gone down a rabbit hole with land surveys and pole foundations. It is currently 10pm (I realize tomorrow is Friday so we’re scheduling this baby!) and I’m dug in (pun intended). So typical of me, have a project distract self with different project. Legit debated grabbing a flashlight and heading out to the farm to look for land markers. Thankfully, I figured it out without having to trek around in the dark. 

I will have a tiny house one way or another, mark my words. If November is NaNoWriMo then December is some catchy title I’ll think of later involving building. 

Yesterday, I rocked Day 1 of NaNoWriMo which gives a little wiggle room with today. 

No need to worry, despite the rabbit hole I’ve been relatively productive. 

Today I:

  • Did a word sprint writing a whole scene of 1,000+ words in 25mins. Shocking, it was actually pretty good. 
  • Dealt with boring lawyer stuff
  • Scrutinized land surveys
  • Researched tiny house craziness
  • Did all my new adult routine like making bed, real meal, vitamins, flossing, workout, etc. 
  • Realized it is only Thursday and I don’t have my writer’s group tomorrow (that would have been embarrassing).

Okay so when I lay it all out, it doesn’t seem as impressive. I’ll call it a half win. There’s always tomorrow and by the time y’all read this I’ll be in full swing. Tonight, just going to have a glass of wine and call it. 

I’ll be honest, I didn’t even know it was Wednesday. I did know it was November 1st the start of NaNoWriMo so there’s that. First day and over 5,000 words in…which is awesome for me just not so awesome for y’all. Except long run it is, hello! Muffy novel! Yay! Hopefully. Fingers crossed…if only every day churns out like today. 

I’m an Asshole

Writing is making me a heinous bitch. I can’t explain it, there is just so much frustration. The only thing I can equate it to is being 9 months pregnant and just ready to get that baby out (not that I really know what that is like either). There is this story inside of me and I have to get it out…like yesterday. Only it doesn’t really work that way. 

There is just so much riding on this, at least in my head. So I’m working it out even if it means I’m a cranky bitch sometimes. This is definitely a labor of love…and anger and sadness and all the other emotions. Hopefully, it pans out. If not, don’t worry, I’ll just delete my fb because I can’t even imagine what I’ll be like if that happens. But I’m thankful for y’all for caring enough about me. I’m trying. Promise. 

Ah Hell. Muffy Monday

Yeah, I was all back on track except my mother is here. She’s gone tomorrow. For those who know, mother in town is totes a free pass. She leaves in the morning, y’all will hear from me in full Wednesday. 

For the Hell of it Friday

There are a million ways to be a writer. I have friends that are reporters, novelist, content writers, technical writers, bloggers, and a million things more. Some of us blast our words to the world, some pitch ideas awaiting acceptance or rejection a 150 at a time, and some of us scribble prose for no one to ever see. Still there are a million more. 

You can do it for the byline, the paycheck, or just the release. Try for a grant, residency, publication, or competition. 

One of the competitions that came across my desk was a micro flash fiction. A complete story in 100 words, first prize $20,000. I don’t know what story to tell let alone how to contain it to 100 words. 

Of course, the one that is stuck in my mind comes with no paycheck or grand prize. And that’s why I’m sitting outside on a Friday night trying to figure out a fictional me for a fictional land. Could I be a pirate queen or a priceless jewel or maybe a flamingo with a turtle friend? 

Yeah, this is going well. Happy Friday to all y’all, here’s hoping you’re out having nonfictional fun.