That Solves That One

Someone told me the other day that I’m more subdued now like a dog that had been fixed…in a good way. I think they were right. This isn’t some mush mush, “he’s my person” boloney, but would I still be out there wandering around if he hadn’t lit a beacon for me to follow home? Who knows. Then again, who knew I’d become obsessed with a garden and a daily routine that involved snacks packed with love notes? The truth is everything is easier by yourself except for the being by yourself. Noah was my first call long before I ever imagined considering leaving a life on the road. So maybe playing house turned into making a home, I don’t think I could be any happier if I tried because I am gloriously happy. A couple of months in Asia are still in the plan and I’m thinking Africa in December because it isn’t like they take your passport away when you fall in love. I’ll have to calculate it, but I guess I finally figured out how many miles it actually takes to heal a gypsy soul.