Ocean on the Left, Land on the Right

Well, I did it. I bought a sailboat. Who knew, right?!

This has to be up there in my “I Can’t Believe I Did This” moments. Where to even start? I had to stop myself from saying this amazing opportunity fell in my lap because that isn’t what happened at all. I worked really hard and a gig came to fruition as a result of that hard work. That is completely boring though, let’s talk about my boat!

A year ago when I started thinking, plotting, dreaming up designs on buying a boat, I had my eyes on a Pearson. I feel like even specifically a Pearson 26. They were beautiful and 26 seemed like the right length (FYI the number designates length of the boat). They are crazy in quality and a recognizable name in the industry, but there were downfalls. Pearsons are more for racing, their cabins are pretty small. Hunters are said to be roomier. Oh, and the big one, they’re flipping expensive. The Pearson plan went out the window.

Fast forward to now.

During the winter, boat owners seem to forget the feel of the sun on their face while riding the ocean instead focusing their attention on how much the upkeep is costing them, the storage, blah blah blah…basically all the things I should seriously be considering when debating buying a boat. Naturally, I kept an eye out. The practical thing to do would be focusing funds on the tiny house especially since the chances of me not dying at sea were much slimmer with that plan.

I kept an eye out, just in case….

Then the right boat at the right price sailed by at exactly the right time: a beautiful 1974 Pearson 26.

I emailed, they called, we chatted, and set a time to see the boat. They had already had someone come out for a survey (like a home inspection for boats). I was going to crunch numbers, see what was logistical feasible. And that plan of complete responsibility was going really well…for about 15-20 minutes.

Somewhere over dinner, my plan started to shift. I went straight into Muffy Mode where I know that there is a way to make anything happen.

What do I do? I jump straight in. Only this time I at least looked before I leaped…a little.

Yeah, I hear all y’all. I haven’t forgotten the disastrous RV. The RV was a lesson learned the hard way. That adventure taught me exactly how much project I can handle and exactly how far my DIY dreams could reach. God, that was horrible. But, this will be different. No, really, it will.

I am almost a year into research and despite not knowing how to sail, I am have educated myself on the topic. I know, I know. But really, I know what the hell I am doing here. The boat is sound. She is solid in amazing condition. She is ready to sail and she was priced at a song. Sound too good to be true? Yeah, well me giving my car away for free did too. I just managed to find the boat version of the car giveaway. And if it turns out to be a bad idea, I can flip it for 3 times what I paid. Or I can fix it up, dock it, and rent that adorable shiz on AirBnB.

Done. Investment.

So what do I do? We get the check and I go outside to buy a boat…sight unseen.

What I have seen though are my limits, the real amount of work something requires, and my bank account.

This weekend, I’ll head down to St. Augustine’s (round about there) and take a look at The Island Girl. We’ll trade check for title and she will be mine! Then I take an immediate sailing lesson. No, really, the owners are a family of sailors with 5 boats so we are going out for a 4 hour lesson. I kind of think I got a set of new friends with my boat purchase!

What do I do after that? That all depends. She will need work. Even though she is tip top shape to sail, hell, to race she isn’t move in ready, that just hasn’t been her main purpose. Until now! There are lots of quotes and rates floating around. Get the work done where she is? Bring her to Bama to do work there? How long it all will take? Even I am amazed about the adulting that is about to come out of my mouth…I have to look at taxes to see where it will be cheaper to register and dock her.

Even I am bored with the details. Let’s just look at that pretty boat again, shall we? Yes. IMG_3717