Year Old Brownies

Last week, I was in Chicago. Funny enough, it was a year to date of me being there last year. This time it was a quick trip for Jingle Ball with Claire, Amy, and an added bonus of Bella this year. I was hellbent on finally catching The Chainsmokers, that is a story in and of itself.

So last week of last year, I was freezing in Chicago and heading off to LA. The Chef picked me up at LAX and whisked me up to Big Bear, you’ll remember that didn’t go quite as planned (not that any of my adventures ever do). After that was Vegas and Christmas Eve in the Greyhound Bus Station of downtown Las Vegas…not very merry or bright, but lots of people were lit. Yes, yes, adventure and fun, blah blah blah.

This year, I’ve returned from Chicago all in one piece with some added germs. A couple of days down for the count waiting for that one UPS delivery to arrive while I recoup. While I did order one impossible to find gift online, I fully support small business and did all my shopping local (whichever local that may be at the time). Yay for brick and mortar! My sleigh is filled to the brim outside ready for a quick stop at the Post Office and then on to Charleston where friends that are family await.

This will be the first holiday without my grandmother. My mother, of course, flipped her lid for completely impractical reasons. Let’s not forget I haven’t done family Christmas in years with the years I have resulting in things like me crying in Chinese restaurants.

All has worked out now. I’ve decided that A in my mosh up of a monogram will just stand for Alexander now. When we were in college I always said it would be our families tucked away in the mountains somewhere. Plans change, no kiddos and oceans instead of mountains.

Christmas has always been a big deal for me. Holiday traditions, the idea of coming home, Grandmother would always make sure we had Christmas Eve jammies. Somewhere along the way, I took up the charge. I may or may not have driven myself a little insane coordinating matching pajamas for all of the Alexander, Johnson, Morris, Bridge crew. BUT WE ALL MATCH!

The Alexanders do Felix Navidad each Christmas Eve with tacos, tequila, and nachos accompanied by a Home Alone Marathon, THIS YEAR ALL IN MATCHING JAMMIES. I told you, I’m obsessed.

Skipping a last minute trip down to St. Pete’s this last weekend, I’ve got my eyes are on Florida after the New Year. There are some faces I need to hug along the coast specifically a six foot tall, fabulosity of a wonder woman choreographer on the Georgia border, a cheer coach in Jacksonville, one of my favorite Episcopalians on the other Georgia border, and a few car salesmen who made the mistake of telling me their names and now they’re my friends for life.

But what am I doing New Year’s Eve? That’s the question isn’t it? I’m a firm believer that you should start your year how you would like to end it…last year, well, I may have been attacked by a cactus in the middle of the desert and crying in a bathroom. As much as I appreciated the offer of a desert do over for NYE and my date is darling, I’m going to have to pass. None of the above are on the agenda for celebrating this year. Though I’m not ready to officially come home yet, I’m giving 2018 to Charleston. There’s a handsome fella there that has been filling up my dance card lately that will be pulling for the right team New Year’s Day who I think I just might find when the clock strikes twelve.

A year is a long time with plenty of chances for change. Looking back, sometimes I can’t believe how far I’ve wandered or how much all of it has changed. I see happiness around the corner and I’m ready for all that comes with it. Charleston is beckoning me, I’ve got a sleigh packed outside ready to carry me home. Along my way back through Florida, there’s a boat I’ve put an offer that I’m excited to walk through. I’ll be returning back to Bama to finalize tiny house plans?! The Worst Best People You Know goes into round two of editing. Work is flowing and I’ve had to decline gigs. What is happening other than everything falling into place?! I’m not quite sure, but somewhere along the way I did something right. Hopefully, four little paws will pounce into the last broken spot of my heart, seems like that is the only thing missing.

So for all of y’all that have been here this last year, I appreciate y’all. As always, I could never do any of this without y’all!

May all of your holidays be merry and bright…and maybe a little bit lit. Let all y’all’s dance cards be full and you all start your year exactly how you want to end it. If you’re looking for adventure, go find it! Don’t let the year run out because it really does go by fast.

Feel like starting small? Come on out to Bama to swing a hammer with me on a tiny house or catch me on the coast, we can figure out how to sail together. Share a dance with me at a concert somewhere out there, I promise to save your favorite song for you. Sometimes the time just isn’t right and that’s okay. I’ll be out there doing it all for the both of us, you can just follow along until you’re ready to jump in with me. I’ll be waiting.

Merry Christmas y’all! Here’s hoping y’all find home for the holidays no matter where it takes you.