Straight Down A Rabbit Hole

Am I writing? No, instead I’ve gone down a rabbit hole with land surveys and pole foundations. It is currently 10pm (I realize tomorrow is Friday so we’re scheduling this baby!) and I’m dug in (pun intended). So typical of me, have a project distract self with different project. Legit debated grabbing a flashlight and heading out to the farm to look for land markers. Thankfully, I figured it out without having to trek around in the dark. 

I will have a tiny house one way or another, mark my words. If November is NaNoWriMo then December is some catchy title I’ll think of later involving building. 

Yesterday, I rocked Day 1 of NaNoWriMo which gives a little wiggle room with today. 

No need to worry, despite the rabbit hole I’ve been relatively productive. 

Today I:

  • Did a word sprint writing a whole scene of 1,000+ words in 25mins. Shocking, it was actually pretty good. 
  • Dealt with boring lawyer stuff
  • Scrutinized land surveys
  • Researched tiny house craziness
  • Did all my new adult routine like making bed, real meal, vitamins, flossing, workout, etc. 
  • Realized it is only Thursday and I don’t have my writer’s group tomorrow (that would have been embarrassing).

Okay so when I lay it all out, it doesn’t seem as impressive. I’ll call it a half win. There’s always tomorrow and by the time y’all read this I’ll be in full swing. Tonight, just going to have a glass of wine and call it.