Blistering Desert: Travel Tip Tuesday 

As a Southerner, there are a few things I’m genetically dispositioned towards: monograms, football, flops, pearls, sweet tea, mosquitos, and humidity. Out West, everyone wanted to tell me how the heat would be the end of me. Please, down South we’ve got mosquitos the size of cats and heat soaked with humidity so thick you could cut it out of the air. 

I will admit that the desert heat is no joke, poolside in Vegas one day it reached 112° completely melting the binding glue of my book. But folks, that’s a dry heat. 

Now as I said, I live or die by my Rainbow flops. They’re just the best flip flops you could ask for especially with their Rainbow Guarantee. However, this summer my beloveds betrayed me. Broken in to perfection, while in Vegas they gave me a blister?! It took me awhile to figure that one out. 

The desert heat not only dried me out, they dried out my leather sandals. This is a simple fix! Lotion. I started making sure I lotioned up my feet AND my Rainbows. This kept them from drying up and rubbing against me as well as keeping them from drying out and cracking. Pretty simple, right? 

Let no flop keep you from wandering! Tomorrow, I’m tackling Vegas for Where I’ve Been Wednesday. Keep an eye out for it!