What’s Going on with the FREE Car?

Glad you asked! Letters have been coming in from allover! Even as far as California! IMG_8406Huge thanks to everyone who has helped spread the word! Especially, Holy City Sinner and Michael Chatman’s #WhyIGive campaign for sharing the info. I even saw that the Salvation Army in Danville printed it out.


In order to keep it fair and impartial, I’ve got a system in place. Every letter is being read by me then sorted out. If it even hints at someone I might know or know through someone, the letter gets a second read from an individual party. It isn’t fair to exclude someone just because I know them and vice versa.

There was some concern that I would receive a bunch of heart wrenching letters and never be able to pick. Sadly, there have been some doozies…on the wrong end of the spectrum.

Come on people. You’ve got 12 kids, no home, no job, and only one arm so my car would really change your life? There is no way 12 kids would fit in my car and it’s a stick shift so you’ll probably need two arms.

Insensitive? Maybe, but man the whoppers I’m seeing. Luckily, I have a big brain to go with this big heart. All the letters that are moving on are being checked out by a third party. Just be honest guys! You don’t have to have a super sob story to get this car.

Also, in case this has not been covered enough: it is a real car. It really is a real car that I am giving away. That’s cool if you don’t believe me. I get it, it is the internet. But please, as much as I love hearing from y’all, there is no need to tell me how my FREE car is not good enough for you. Let’s keep that to yourselves.

We’ve still got a few more weeks before the April 21st deadline! There is not an exact date yet of when I’ll be announcing the winner, it is going to depend on how many letters arrive on the last day and where the winner lives. I would guess I’ll announce around the beginning of May.

If you know someone who might need a car or want to send in a letter yourself you can get all the details HERE.

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