I Really Need a Calendar 

Son of a biscuit. It’s Friday. Did y’all all know it was Friday? Of course y’all did, you’re not isloated in a thawed tundra. Last week was a roller coaster of emotions thinking I was going to run on out to Charleston. Turned out, I was not. 

As a consolation prize, an old friend made the trip here. Then promptly Saturday, he left. Turns out he is this huge, mondo racist bigot. No holds barred on alternative facts and fake news. I may be starved for human interaction, but I’ll pass on the debate on the use of the N word. 

After turning in a piece (and getting paid for it!) somehow I was mentally drained. Where did all my words go? All my genius moments I get washing my hair? And I am mostly washing my hair every day! Side note, I’ve recently discovered bubble baths. Do people wash their hair in the bath? Isn’t the water already gross from you? I’m baffled. 

There was a story, a pitch, I just knew it was something that I couldn’t form. My stupid heart kept getting in the way of my words. That is supposed to be the complete opposite, by the way. Heart encourages words. 

Last night, it fell into place. Unfortunately, it was 3am when I randomly got up for the restroom. Stumbling to the office to find my notebook, it got scribbled down in the semi darkness. It just lurked on my notepad all morning and day. One starter. That’s not nearly enough. 

With a week gone, I need a whole bag of pitches ready for Monday. Shake it off brain! Shake it off! 

Then it just cleared. The void started to fill (while brushing my teeth, the usual). Bam! Like 6 solid pitch ideas! Knocked 4 of them into developed ideas with outlines! 

For the record, I brush my teeth multiple times a day every day. I have no clue why that genius moment routine has been clogged. I feel good sleep coming on with an early morning awaiting a fresh eyed and bushy tailed me. Notebook in bed beside me, ideas on the horizon. 

So yeah, it’s Friday. I forgot. I also haven’t talked to humans in weeks. I’m allowed to lose track of the days.