Travel Tip Tuesday: The Weatherman and Planned Alliteration *EDITED*

**The contents of the original post Travel Tip Tuesday: Weather & Planning has been edited to the new post titled Travel Tip Tuesday: The Weatherman and Planned Alliteration**

Todd, the weatherman, requested his post be permanently deleted because he said I was being “petty.” I was patient when he critiqued. I was polite in pointing out when he was condescending. I was put off when he mainsplained. I attempted to be personable in my replies when he lectured me on a public forum. I stopped being passive and asked what his deal was in private where I did call him pompous for thinking he is always right. To which he responded that he was right.

No one needs that kind of provocation. Pass on that noise. It isn’t petty, it is preservation.

While I have left the weather radar links from the original Travel Tip post at the bottom, I’m adding one more:

Ladies, persist.

You hold your own as you travel around the world. I read about how proud you are of how you carry yourself on solo travels. I hear you tell tales of keeping your guard up for predators. Don’t stop just because you aren’t traveling.

We live in a time where simply being a woman makes you prey. Defend your mind, opinions, and thoughts with the same fierceness you call upon when walking through deserted parking garages. Don’t tolerate poor treatment under the guise of being polite.

Betty White once talked about how she didn’t know why wimps were called “pussies” since they are stronger than a man’s balls. Her words, “they take a pounding.” They withstand pain and pleasure. They are the place of life. They punish some of us each month for skipping the latter. They are a powerful thing.

I don’t know when the defining anatomy of a women became dirty. I don’t know why it’s forgivable for a man, any man regardless of if his title starts with a p, to discuss grabbing a pussy, but that the world can declare the word vulgar. I do know that I am proud to be who I am and all the parts that come with it.

Do I think Todd is a parasite? No. Nor do I think he put thought into how his comments, remarks, or his attempts to constantly push his perspective were being perceived. I just have lost patience in tolerating it. Does that make me petty? No. Does this post? Possibly, but with greater intentions. Besides, Todd explicitly told me to go write on my blog about how he’s “pompous” and I told him excellent last words.

Resources for weather and not keeping quiet anymore: