It’s Harder Being Still

Who knew that being off the road in a normal lifestyle would be such an adjustment? 

Things have started to be sort of normal again. I’ve unpacked my car, which is insane on so many levels. My emotions keep bouncing back and forth between “look at all this stuff I have!” and “this is really all I own in the world?” Either way that branch swings, I’m still in awe of myself for rolling with 7 days worth of clothes for all climates for months on end. This kiddo doesn’t do jeans and t-shirts either. Talk about packing on the layering!

After sleepless nights in a big empty house, Sunday brought rest. It could be that I finally mentally settled in, these last few weeks have been a roller coaster. Maybe there really was a gang of robbers keeping me up each night that finally caught a glimpse of the interior and abandoned their plan, leaving me to a silent evening (when I say empty, I mean there’s no furniture, there’s no people, nada). It could be the normalcy that a television brought, breaking up the silence. 

Personally, my money is on Maverick. Who is that you ask? Maverick is the silver lining of being off the road. Maverick is my foster dog. He’s a good boy. Smart, super sweet brindle pup. He’s living it up with so much love, it makes me wonder what his old life was like. Maverick is going to be such a good dog for someone. You can find out more about him from Lexington Pit Crew. 

Sleep calls and I’m thrilled I left the ringer on, this is one call I’m ready to answer. More mountains of laundry tomorrow, internet will be the last piece of the puzzle for home. 

Here’s to a goodnight sleep. After all, I need my wits about me to finish off our fictional tale! 
We’re still rolling on the iPhone and running with first drafts, as always excuse the typos. 

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