For the Hell of It Friday: Leaping into Stunting

We’re just going to start with me openly admitting I have a mega fan girl crush on Coach Colene. I was in awe of her and her brother back in high school. They were forensics super stars. If you walked into a round and saw them there, just kiss that round goodbye. The thing was, they were so good you didn’t care that they had just kicked your ass. They were unstoppable and that has carried on into their adult life, which is why I can’t believe I’m sharing this next part…

In high school, Colene had these really long nails. One weekend, we were both waiting for our event to start and I randomly blurted out “how do you pick your nose?” Catching myself just a little too late, I tried to cover with “I mean, you probably don’t…” It did not make us fast friends. I seriously doubt she even remembers me from school (we didn’t go to the same school, just competed against each other. Okay, they competed. I kind of just showed up). I would be mortified if she even remembered. Just goes to show somethings never change, like how I’ve always been adorably awkward.

Back then we didn’t have social media so she couldn’t block the weirdo booger girl. Here’s hoping she doesn’t read this and remedy that now…

Anyways…with the new year approaching and New Year’s Resolutions on everyone’s minds, Life Coach Colene is gearing up for Vision 2017 7 Day Challenge. It’s a free online workshop. Coach Colene says it’s her gift to us because “we deserve this and so much more” (I know, gush!). This isn’t a shameless plug, though all of Coach Colene’s info and Vision 2017 link are down at the end.

Please, if I’m worried about her getting a restraining order do you think she would have recruited me to blog about her? I tell you all this because I’m using her posts for the lead up to my point. There’s always a point, it just takes a hot minute of storytelling!

All of her posts leading up to 2017 had me give myself a double hollar. The first hollar was for the cussing. Rounding off the year, preparing for next year, I am ahead of the curve.

If I didn’t give it all I had, I wouldn’t have made it.
You only get one free carry on and there’s no way I’m paying extra to carry around extra shiz.
I’m just going to pretend this says “Don’t sleep on the bus.” Check! 
Whether this is a typo and should say “in a tent” or actually “intent,” done and done.
This. This one is the most. It was scary, it was hard. None of this would have happened if I hadn’t and I don’t regret it for a single minute.



When Coach Colene posted:

Time to start getting ready to ringimg_6561 in the new year. Before we pop the champagne, I like to reflect on the year before. So let’s start with something simple: What is one thing 2016 taught you?

For me it was the importance of asking for what I want and need. I’m a woman who tends to think I can do it all, but I don’t know everything (nor do I need to) and I shouldn’t waste my energy trying to do everything. What can I do that’s providing the most value? Then I can ask others for help. It’s not a sign of weakness, but a sign of self-awareness and strength.
Ask for what you need/want/desire.
What about you?

I answered that I plan, God laughs. Just because it was for everyone else doesn’t mean it was for me. Which Coach Colene liked, by the way!

There has been so much change, all of this self awareness to lead me here. This courage has always been a part of me, I don’t think anyone was really that surprised when I set out on this adventure. Yet with all of this somehow my confidence stalled.

Yesterday, I put it out to my friends that in this crazy world I had surprisingly come across a situation where I was going to have to take a leap. Being my biggest support group, I called out for positive thoughts, good vibes, and to send some prayers upstairs for me. I didn’t need to succeed, I just needed to not lose my nerve.

With the exception of Michael who seemed to have designs on me failing at skydiving, they didn’t fail me.

I woke up this morning ready!15726670_10211082795763470_2094627485154829257_nI pushed down those nerves thinking of Jill, telling my heart not to bother whispering. Let’s shout.

Today, I submitted my first real deal pitch to a real deal publication. I’m not quite sure why that terrified me so much. I’ve been published, I’ve had bylines. More than one occasion I have swept a news cycle. I have been a big fish in a big pond. Lacking in confidence just isn’t been something I do.

Why be terrified now? The answer escapes me. This is the beginning. This is how it starts. Arizona had always been laid out as the turning point. Now it is here. The deadlines I gave myself to make this work are looming.

Then it all clicked.

I am not out of my league, I am in my element.

There can’t be a deadline to fail or succeed before I pack it all in and go back home. There can’t be a deadline because I’m not going to stop doing this until I make it.

Saying it’s the img_6507Year of Muffy just always seems to be a curse upon myself. We’ll banish that hashtag for forever. For 2017, I’m going to stunt so hard that I’ll never be able to question I was doing it any other way.

F*ck 2016, I’m through with you.





To form your own fan girl crush on the genius that is Coach Colene you can find her at the following places:

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