UPDATED Africa: Did You Know It’s Bless Not Miss the Rain?

UPDATED: Thinking of Africa? Me too. Check out below the original post for the suggestions that came my way.***

Fun story, until about 5 minutes ago I have always belted out that I miss the rain in Africa. Toto must have been cringing over more than my bad singing.

Africa has always seemed to call to me. The logistics of going have just never been there. Could I muster up the gumption to get all those shots? Who really has a job that would let them take 6 weeks of vacation? And, of course, my loves. How could my pup understand that she hasn’t been abandoned? I’d be back!

Now that all of that has gone out the window, minus the gumption, why not now? Now just might be the right time for that mission trip that’s always been on my mind.

Africa tumblr_nlyjjllkt31urwkiao1_500is a huge endeavor, one that is going to require a lot of research. I could probably just answer one of those email requests from a fallen prince who needs my help in cashing in his multi million dollar inheritance, but maybe I should dig a little deeper.

With that in mind, I am turning to my greatest resource: all of y’all. What do you know? Who do you know? Have you been and what was your experience like? Would you never go and why not?

I’m pretty open to whenever, wherever, and for however long. I do want a trip that is mission based. If I can do some good in the world then I want to do some good in the world! Otherwise, the sky is the limit.

Y’all always know so let’s get together and get me to Africa. And yes, I am fully aware that the main image used for the blog is not really how it is going to be. Just keeping it light with some bad photoshopping.

Missions & Organizations Suggested:

Please note that I have not had the chance to dive in to research these yet, but this is what the world has sent me so far:

Autumn Hope Ministries based in Cookeville, TN, offers multiple trips to multiple locations.

Newspring Church, various locations in SC, is going to Uganda. The trip does currently have a waiting list.

Blood:Water, founded by the band Jars of Clay and activist Jena Lee Nardella, their mission is focused on HIV/AIDS and water crisis in Africa. They have an upcoming trip for the summer of 2017.

Youth With A Mission Worldwide, one of my girlfriends is currently in Africa with YWAM. They offer trips as short as one week or as long as two years. Not sure if I’m too old, but they do have trips for children, teens, as well as churches and youth groups.

Other Trips:

El Salvador, July 22-30th. They will be building a house with a partner family living in poverty, ages 16 and up, no skills necessary! Email for more details and to set up time to discuss.

Ecuador, the United Methodist Church in North Charleston, SC will be going as well. You can contact them for more information.

Started to dig in a little last night. Came across Volunteer Forever’s list of 2016’s Best Volunteer Abroad Programs. There’s one that I think be my winner!