Travel Tip Tuesday: Bringing It Home

If you’re still traveling for the holidays or are already back home for the holiday, let’s talk safety. Most specifically, I want to talk about your Christmas tree.

I know, this isn’t a travel tip, but fire safety is near and dear to my heart. It just takes one time of waking up in a burning building to get your guard up!

Let’s zone in on the point: that Christmas tree in your living room giving everything a golden glow is a death trap. I need all y’all to keep it watered. Keep it away from heating vents, space heaters, oh lord, and please keep it away from your fireplace.

All my Southerners, I know y’all have it in your head to light that tree on fire. RESIST! Mr. Fireman told me all kinds of stories about how that tree goes up in a great ball of poof! For the love of biscuits, if you are going to burn it be smart about it. Not in your fireplace! Have a hose handy. That thing is going to take 3.4 seconds to burn.

Just be safe y’all. The holidays may be over, but that tree could still ruin it all.

Also per my new fireman friend, make sure that you haven’t hidden any extra presents or wrapping paper in the over before you turn it on. We’ve all been guilty of a quick hiding clean!