Muffy Monday: The Desert Might Kill Me

Did anyone else just completely space that today is Monday? It can’t be just me. 

Well, I’m here Arizona! There are some struggles. Like how cacti is a word. It feels like cactus should just be like moose on the plurals. Regardless, I can’t even with the cacti. Between them and the mountains that are legit RIGHT THERE, I can’t even. There’s also a never ending magical tray of cookies. It just keeps refilling. 

I’ve pretty much adjusted to the timechanges and despite conking out every chance I get, am rested. Tomorrow, it gets real. Holidays are over and Arizona is here. There’s plans to be made and posts to be posted. It was a long 13hr haul out here, got to show y’all what I did with the time! 

For now, I’m sticking to the desserts and avoiding the desert. I’ve been given a list much too long for my liking of things that might kill me.