Travel Tip Tuesday: Bumping It

We all know that I had been hoping and praying that I would get bumped from my flight today. I didn’t. It actually worked out better than getting a voucher in the long run. Since I made my flight, The Chef was able to come into L.A. to pick me up. Without plans in L.A. he invited me up the mountain with him. Would I have loved a flight voucher or a American Express gift card? Yes. Would it have been as good as a week at Lake Arrowhead Resort with the head chef and a car? Nope.

But, let’s back up to getting bumped from flights. The practicality of getting bumped from my flight was low. A large reason my flight was so cheap was the time.

Cheaper fly = less desirable travel times = less passengers

All that adds up to the likelihood of the flight being oversold very minimal. My one chance was that the snow storm that came into Chicago Saturday night pushed back enough flights. Diligently I watched flight cancellations and delays. FAA has the option to track flights as well as FlightView. Not so much luck.

There’s no magic equation to getting bumped though the holidays are prime for it. What I can tell you are the common factors for those that have been bumped.

  • Check in late (within an hour, but not last minute)
  • Check in at the desk NOT online
  • Check a bag

Most airport websites will have security check waits available.

Have you been bumped? Let’s hear about it!