Travel Tip Tuesday: Fighting The Boredom of 10,000 Miles

Yep, it’s really been 10,000 miles. My little oil change sticker let me know yesterday. That’s a lot of miles on the road. That’s a lot of time in the car with hours on buses, planes, and trains coming this week. We’re in full swing people!

Yesterday I noticed that the driver’s side floormat has worn a hole in it where my heel goes. While my heel is wearing a spot thin, my mind doesn’t need to follow suit. Already teetering on cray, there is no need to let hours of isolation push me over the edge!

So how do I not start naming my socks and letting them ride shotgun when I can’t get a radio signal for miles upon miles? Welcome to the world of podcasts!

Fun fact: Know those little adapters you can pop in what used to be a cigarette lighter? No, you don’t? I’m the only one who’s car is ancient and doesn’t have an auxiliary chord option? Pretend with me, we’re going somewhere…You can pick one up to make your phone hands free, but you have to pick a specific station that is dead air to transmit through your radio. It used to not be that way. A buddy of mine was a developer with XM Radio, back when no one had auxiliary chord options. Adapters were usually set on 89.9, which happens to be NPR. No one was anti NPR, it’s just the first station on the dial.

These adapters were powerful enough that they would just play over whatever was on the station regardless of if it was dead air or not. These adapters were so powerful that they would transmit over the radio in cars driving down the road with them. Apparently, all these little old ladies had their radio dials pirated by road warriors listening to Howard Stern. It became a huge issue and that is why the dinky $19.99 one I picked up at Target didn’t work for phewy.

Living in Park Circle my commute was never more than a 5 minute drive or a quick walk, there was just never time for podcasts. Light years behind, I finished Serial Season 1 4221396001_4739442473001_4739182522001-vsrelatively early in the trip. Taking to Facebook for suggestions, I started stockpiling my listening library. Currently, I have followed Serial’s case of Adnan Syed onto Undisclosed. Hosted by three attorneys it goes into a more in depth analytical perspective that they advise is as a supplement to Serial Season 1. Don’t jump in unless you’ve listened to one before the other. undisclosed


Interestingly, one of the attorneys is Colin Miller who is a law professor at the Law School of University of South Carolina. His co-hosts are Rabia Chaury who knew Adnan personally and Susan Simpson.

With the rest of the country to cover, I’ve got a library of podcasts lined up that have been suggested. Here is what I have in store:




Reply All

This American Life




My Brother, My Brother, and Me

Snap Judgement

Mystery Show


More Perfect

Have a suggestion? Let’s hear it! There’s many more miles to go!



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  1. Rick Steves travel podcasts, TEDTalks, Stuff You missed in History Class, Walter Edgar (Southern history, NPR interviews). Always good company!


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