Muffy Monday: Drew Carey Lied, Cleveland Sucks

After a great deal on consideration, I’ve decided to scrap the Columbus portion of the trip and try to sell my Gin Wigmore ticket. I know, I’m super disappointed about it too. 

Here’s how it all went down. My buddy in Cleveland has been asking my to come out for forever. A show would pop up he knew I’d want to see and I’d always respond with “yeah, but Cleveland…” When I realized I had to get out, he’s who I reached out to on getting out of town. Funny how this whole adventure started with Cleveland, Ohio. It was all shaped around Cleveland. 

Gin Wigmore being in Columbus helped lined up the dates. It just sucks because she’s been other places along the way and I should have caught those shows instead. 

Somewhere from the first plan to a few weeks ago, my texts stopped getting responses. Finally, after a probably snarky comment from me, I get the official backdown of all the reasons I can’t come to Cleveland. Which were originally all the things he had taken care of to entice me to come to Cleveland. He even had me send my resume to him in case I wanted to stay fulltime. 

With over a month of silence and weeks of one word responses before that, I’m sad to say I think another friend bites the dust. However I’ve failed him as his friend, I’m hoping I’m better to the rest of you. Or at the least, let me know! Silence serves no one!

Not going to Cleveland, messes up a bunch of stuff and is probably going to cost me more money, but not going to Columbus is the smarter move. No one can go with so I’d be driving solo and have to get a hotel. This way, I’ll have 3 straight days in Kentucky to pack and repack without rush. Laundry needs to be done, I’ve got to decide if I’m shipping anything to Arizona. Mostly, I’ve got to nail down this whole luggage bit. I’m going from all I own in my car with me to leaving my car behind and having just a carry on for the foreseeable future. 

There’s more to tell with more Florida on the way. The temperature is dropping here and it already seems dark in the middle of the afternoon. I’d rather get on the road to arrive before dark than get all the thoughts out. It’s straight up back roads the last hour of the drive!

Let’s all think happy thoughts that don’t include snow! 

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