For the Hell of It Friday: Throwing in the Beach Towel

Best of intentions, am I right? Schedules have been lopped out the broken window. Plans have been lost like my keys. I’ve been learning to just wing it and having a set post theme was my last comfort! 

Chaos, holidays, travel down times, and the likes are sabotages, however, that’s not the theme’s downfall. It’s too restricting. 

Whoa, maybe I am getting a hang of this going with the flow! 

Blogging was the natural procession after the overwhelming response on my personal Facebook posts. While a ton of them were backdated and posted on the blog, it’s been just over a month since this adventure hit the road. When I take on new clients, I tell them it takes a month to nail down the rhythm. I’m still within my window! We’re just getting our rhythm! 

 Excellent Muffy pep talk, right? But what does this have to do with anything? Mostly it was for me, talking it out. Reminding myself that tossing in the beach towel on my alliteration heavy scheduled posts is not a failure. 

For all of you outside my head, don’t worry. I hashed out most of this with myself in the car earlier. We can fast forward to the decision. 

Having a post schedule matched with an editorial calendar is not enough. I have got to start being selfish and steal time for myself. If I want to make a go of this, I’ve got to write every day whether it’s to share with y’all or just for me. 

The last few weeks I’ve discussed with those in my life how it feels like everything I’ve written has lost its balance. The topics may be more interesting or the content more defined, it’s just missing me. It was ludicrous to think I could do a post a week covering everything I’ve explored without writing a novel. 

The solution to all of this is to stay true to my voice. *cue a ladies anthem* It’s funny how the one place I can just go with the flow is my storytelling. How did I get away from that? This means more posts. There will still be the alliteration themed topics, I can’t full abandon a layout! Yes for Muffy Monday’s, Travel Tip Tuesday’s, and For the Hell of it Friday’s. Where I’ve Been Wednesday’s will just start to span more than Wednesday. Go ahead and pour one out for our alliteration homie. 

I can hear fellow bloggers telling me my schedule was too ambitious to begin with, adding more isn’t the answer. But, I think it is. The freedom for a wrap up to be however long it needs to be to tell the story is way less wracking than trying to cram a bunch of info in sacrificing my personality for length and a timeframe.

Where I’ve Been has always had a real time delay. The blog isn’t the best resource for keeping up with me in real time. You can keep up with me in real time via Facebook and Instagram. If you see me near you, hollar! I love when I get to meet some locals and get the lowdown. 

This is a good thing. I’ll circle back round for that beach towel on the next leg of the trip, I sure don’t need it this week. It’s freezing in Asheville! And it’s only going to get colder as I head farther north! 

Next on my life list to tackle in giving this a shot: zoning in on my time zone 

Currently, I’m in Asheville, NC. I’d tell you more, but really you should see for yourself. I’ll see you on the social media flipside!