Where I’ve Been Wednesday: If There Had Been Wifi

After my quick 48hr trip to Charleston turned into 8 days, I finally got back out here. The whole calendar has been wrecked. Luckily, with the Cuba trip, I will be back in Florida to make up for it in March. That is if we are permitted.

Charleston was a disaster. Not just the little things (okay, one really big thing) that I had to take care of, but the moment I crossed the city line flying monkeys started dropping wtf bombs on me. Those are tales for another day.

I’m back on the road. Drove right into the storm and dodge a tornado warning. The power got knocked out and the hotel has been operating on emergency power. The wifi got knocked out which is why you’re hearing about Wednesday’s on a Thursday.

Upside, I think I had my best nights sleep in over a week. Downside, I’m obvi a day late. Not a worry, I’ve got the Florida round up on deck for this evening. And last week’s For The Hell of It Friday all about the dirty of Disney is getting a tune up. Did you check it out? No, I didn’t think so. Let’s be honest, last week no one was caring what I was babbling on about. We had the holidays!

I’m up! I’m awake! I’m ready for a *clap* great day! (We’re just not there yet for all caps)

You’ll read from me again soon!