Muffy Monday’s, it’s going to be a thing

Everyone says the big push of being successful is to have a schedule. FINALLY! Scheduling! This whole flying by the seat of my pants has not been my forte. I’m rocking it, it’s just a struggle rock. Like Fraggle Rock, but without the muppets and with more issues. 

So scheduling! But how often? Amongst bloggers I know there’s a variety of answers. I can’t be churning out posts like Secrets of Saxapahaw every day! During my never ending drive yesterday, I made a plan. Ready? Of course you are! You’re going to love it! 

Monday’s are Muffy Monday’s: you get your fun life of Muffy updates. It’s like the blog-that-wasn’t-a-blog on Facebook throw backs!

Tuesday’s are Travel Tip Tuesday’s: like how tomorrow is Tuesday and I’m going to tell you all about how I’m doing Disney World and Universal Studios for 3 nights under $200

Wednesday’s are Where Have I Been Wednesday’s: this is where you get the blog posts that go in depth of the city, the restaurants, the lodgings, the whole shebang! On deck we’ve got Patriot Inn in North Carolina, the charm of Thomasville, Georgia, and Miami & the Keys! 

Friday’s are For the Hell of It Friday’s: it’s what ever strikes the fancy! Concerts, events, random, it’s a modge podge of fun! I’ve even got some great guest bloggers lined up! For reals, you’re in for some treats. Real nuggets of good reading!

Get ready kiddos! It’s all getting real! Just like MTV in the 90’s. Crazy how far we’ve come since that first reality show? Now I put random things on the Internet for strangers to like. Cray! 

Hold on, here we go! 

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