If You Can Make It Here, You Can Make It Anywhere: We’re Off!

For someone who doesn’t like roller coasters, let’s talk about some major ups and downs that have been going on. The day started off early with double hits on awesome followed by a huge plummet, leaving me no choice other than to coast on out.

Tuesday night I didn’t just get loved on, I got tons of ideas, invitations, and suggestions. I warned everyone that all those bubbles would make me forget and despite the bourbon, the next day I remembered to ask for a recap. One of the best nuggets was Cuba! Flights are on sale during Southwest’s Countdown to Cuba

Are you asking yourself “how did I miss this?!” Well then, you should like Muffy on the Move on Facebook. We had a whole discussion on it. The opportunity was too much to resist and the price sealed the deal. This March, for $149.16 after tax, this kiddo is heading to Cuba!

One of my friends really put it into perspective. Callie pointed out that now that the embargo is being lifted, this is the last opportunity to see Cuba as it is before developers sink their teeth into it.

While I was anxiously awaiting the confirmation email an even better email cam through! And by better, I mean the new shiny thing that was currently in front of me. There had been a couple of back and forths that started to got my hopes up, but no way this was going to actually happen. Then it did! Walt Disney World informed me that they have two tickets awaiting my arrival! WHAT THE WHAT?!?

Yes, I’ve been made aware that this is the wrong castle. I’m just going to need some in person castle training.

All this is secretly happening in KLA’s living room. I know! You thought I had left! I just had to stick around to see a special pair of jetsetters who had flown in the day before Ireland. Not only are JD and Maria just crazy, dear to my heart, their long distance families are too. 

His parents have asked me for Thanksgiving, her’s have asked me for Christmas.

They’ve rallied and supported me from the first of my tragedies and cheered me on through my triumphs. I know, there is a ton of y’all that do that-there is just only a few of y’all that started years ago from Arizona without ever meeting me. When Amanda, Maria’s sister, came to Charleston meeting Mizzou was in the top (Lucky for me, Mizzou and I were a package deal and I got a dinner invite too). 

I couldn’t imagine more love out of Arizona than I have gotten already, then the mail ame. Amanda told me I probably would cry, I should open it anyway


Sure did cry.

There’s too much to do to cry. I had to get going! I had random things to scatter and store around Charleston! Did the last of the rounds, hid some Rubbermaid totes, and made my way to tie it all up in a bow. Alright, honestly? This is where I go into the part of the downward rollercoaster spiral to the ground. It’s good reading, I wrote it a day ago and have been sitting on it. Between my seething and my fuming, I am going to hold off until that bow I started to tie is securely in a tight noose before I share. You should hear how loud I was banging the keys as I typed that. It will have to wait and y’all will just eat it up and seethe right along with me.

I had a big long talk with myself while my car was up on the lift at DK Auto for the big tune up. Everything works itself out one way or another. 

New spark plus, lights, filters, tire, who knows what else, and I was ready to hit the road! Though I feel like I probably need new windshield wipers? Dan, if you’re reading this comment below on if I to need them. Also, while you’re down there tell everybody what all comes in a tune up and how much it costs! The shop is tagged above!

I was off! Hitting the highway! A whole hour and a half later, I arrived! Columbia, South Carolina! The big adventure! I know, I know, but I didn’t even get on the road until 8pm and I desperately wanted to give Shelby a hug. Plus, Shelby has FIVE DOGS! I have never had so much puppy love in my life. 

I was like one of those Buzzfeed videos where they put someone in a room with puppies. We stayed up late gossiping and catching up like sisters are supposed to do. And until I die, I’ll have those girls. We watched this horrendous show Monsters Inside of Me. Y’all. Have you seen this?! No. Most definitely not the best pre-travel show to watch.

Things were off to a great start….

I kid, that’s Shelby’s! 

She works for the Sheriff Department! You are allowed to check in there on social media! You are NOT allowed to put on their bullet proof vests (I asked). Poor Shelby, I peppered her enough about Crime Scene Investigation that she properly wanted to lightly pepper me with pepper spray. There are just so many things to learn! I am so going to be ahead of the game when I start listening to the Serial podcasts!

It was finally time to at least make it out of the state, which I did, eventually. Upon arriving at the house, 9 year old Chloe met me at the door saying “you didn’t get a tattoo.” No, I didn’t. I was big old chicken.

That was then maybe I’m not so chicken anymore. Probably am.

The drive went by in no time with so many distractions. Things happened; there were press releases, reporters, and clients. While the events that put this into motion are tragic and absolutely the last thing I wanted to be discussing, it was a moment for me. For the first time in weeks, I had a purpose (okay, a purpose outside of me and/or bourbon). I am good at this. I can do this. Even more importantly, I can do this anywhere. And anywhere is where I am going to go. My question to myself became a mantra and now it is my battle cry: THIS IS HAPPENING.

I’m out here! I snuck over to Charlotte for the weekend for a surprise birthday, trick or treating with a tiny person, and some stand in parents to fuss over me. Don’t worry, I welcome all stand in families to take care of me for a night or two. Just let me know and I’ll head your way! Don’t worry! I won’t even bring any laundry with me since as of this afternoon I will only own 2 checked bags (one warm weather and one winter) and a carryon with the biggest “personal item/bag” I can find. Goodbye fashion, hello minimal amounts of clothing in the most functional purse invented. Oh snap. If I wear a fanny pack does that count as part of my outfit or as my purse? Oh that is getting done, son!

Tuesday I wander to York! The rest of the week, I don’t even know anymore. Told y’all all the plans will be changed 903 times. 
I’ve got bigger concerns like figuring out how to start a fire in a yurt so we don’t get a Muffy popsicle. I’m off to hide belongings around Charlotte and widdle down the last of everything I own. Sav is supervising to ensure I really do absolutely do have to keep that black dress I wore two years ago…I feel like maybe some videos on my attempts at building a fire would be entertaining.