Moving Beyond Normal: Sarah The Bitch With an H

There was some sad stuff that happened. We’re just going to gloss over it with a quick recap and move onto the good stuff because guess who’s back to feeling human? This kid. 

Aretha didn’t want to participate so I went to happy hour with friends, in my neighborhood where you see all the folks you know. As I was leaving and saying goodbye, dreading having to call out for my lost pet in the dark, I had one of those movie moments; this was goodbye. Of course, this is me and not a movie. The spell was broken when I remembered I parked in the front and not the back. This time though I exited the right way. This time it was like a movie. The sun was setting on Montague, it was beautiful. I thought to myself, “this is my home.” The magic continued. Aretha was waiting for me at the RV and she has NEVER done that before. 

We loaded up and headed to Greenville, where it was sad. But something else huge happened. I got a troll. I know! 

What a bitch? Right?! But hollar! Isn’t this like how you get famous! Internet trolls! Luckily, I have no interest in other people’s approval. If I did, I feel like the majority is in my favor anyways. Which was pretty apparent from the response from the world about the bitch Sarah with an H. Even better than the Internet, the mega good time going away party last night where Sarahs and the rest of my other friends pointed out that I’m pretty kickass. 

Lots and lots of bubbles led to bourbon and pinball then curfew free fun. Accent on Wine was an awesome host not just making special dishes for us, also giving us the run of the back patio. Thank you to everyone who came out! I had so much fun. Besides the hangover, I feel pretty phenom today. I want to go out there and take on the world! It’s perfect timing since I think the calendar is kind of set. By set, I mean that it’s the base plan for the 907 more changes. 

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