Day 50 of WTH Am I Doing: Money is on Evacuation 

Yesterday was a big day, huge even! Wednesday held a mix of excitement, fear, and potential danger. Let’s start on a high note, shall we?

All of my ramblings left my Facebook page to form a blog on Day 29 after the encouragement from Money Q & A. Then yesterday happened! Hank, finance guru of Money Q and A, published an article by me! 

Muffy On Money Q & A

It’s crazy thrilling! Note, that’s not me in the headline picture. I have much less pronounced jawline.  

That’s me trying to be brave (it didn’t work, I left sans tattoo). I’ve got my gumption up since then (though still sans that tattoo). That face still resurfaces quite a bit these days. 

The intro from Hank was more than I could imagine, not just as a legit blogger, as a friend. That’s Hank on TV! See what I’m saying? Legit. 

I do feel I need to point out that I don’t live in the hangover RV from the flea market.

I live in one with a roof and is much smaller. She’s a 1980 Dodge Honey who is unfortunate enough to never have such great lighting. Not quite as rough, this was taken on her first real road excursion. This was moments before I infamously asked “what’s poking down through the wheel well?” The fridge. The damn fridge was coming through the floor. I just realized I didn’t post about that?! I bet it’s sitting in the drafts. That will have to be shared. It’s how I lost all the floors and the Creatures had one giant pet door to come and go from. 

Amidst all the excitement, there’s been some panic. Hurricane Matthew is set to strike and the city has shut down. No matter what, I would had to have left the RV. That kind of made the deciding factor for me after flip flopping back and forth. If I had a house, I’d probably stay until it was determined to get really bad. Having to pack up and go no matter what, it just seemed logical to head inland, visit with friends, and accept shelter where there will be electricity, water, and indoor plumbing! Y’all, evacuation is like a vacation for me. It was a push turned into shove that is probably going to be really awesome for my mental health. Are you reading that Dr. Dejesus? 

Tuesday, I visited with my doctor, who is absolutely fabulous overall, for a checkup. Mostly in this specific situation she’s fabulous for not thinking I’m insane and discussing the balance of my stress in my new everyday life of living off the grid against my will instead of writing me a script to pop Zanex like TicTacs as a solution. She gets me. Plus the office isn’t beige on beige on beige antiseptic hospital feel, it’s quite chic. You do your visit in a lounge style room and not awkwardly on a table, she does house calls, and is up to date with secure portals that allow me to text or message her. Best. 

When the debate started on evacuating or battening down the hatches, I mentioned growing up in Alabama where tornados are common. Tornados have no warning. The rain stops, the sirens go off, and you head for the basement. All of this preparedness has started to rattle me. 

Governor Haley held a press conference, she told the people to leave. They reversed the interstate for evacuation. People are waiting in lines for gas, grocery store shelves are cleaned out. Y’all saw how Home Depot had started to run bare on plywood! Ontop of that, the newspaper tells me to strap down my life. 

Um, okay. But going over too was just not going to happen. With nothing to attach the RV to, I ended up trying to stake it to the ground. 

I took 4 ft metal rods and staked them into the ground at angle away from the RV. Then I took several giant straps and latched them to the metal frame. Locked up the exterior and hoped Hurricane Matthew doesn’t become an oversized can opener taking the top of my tin can home. 

Of course, it wasn’t as smooth as that. As you know, my dog has an outdoor cat. I trapped the cat in the RV yesterday before I headed to work. Was she there when I got home? No, of course not. I couldn’t just leave her! Finally after me pleading with the wooded area near the RV to send the cat back to us so we could leave, she came slinking back. 

The Charleston Animal Society shared a post penned by the fabulous JeanneLove on keeping your pets safe. JeanneLove is the end all, be all on pet everything. If you’re in the Knoxville area, keep an eye out for her new shop opening later this month. Nowhere in any of the posts did it okay leaving your dog’s cat in a hurricane. Let me tell you, that was a trying moment. 

 I packed up the Creatures and prepared for the parking lot of evacuation traffic. Not everyone is thrilled. The car is a wreck. Give me a break, I’m partially living out of it and the RV. That makes for packing way hard. 

The interstate was pretty bare and had me concerned I was doing this whole evacuation thing wrong.Man, do I ever want to drive down the wrong way on 26. How do you get to drive on that side?! 

The Creatures finally settled down and the drive only took us an hour longer than usual. We are all currently safe and evacuated. I slept in and am about to enjoy a nice, long, hot shower. Let me tell you, I’ve missed real furniture. Really furniture in general. 

All joking aside, I’m kind of scared. I’ve had disasters before. My house burned while I stood outside for 7 hours watching everything I own go up in flames. Things are just things, but the tin can has all of my very few things that I have left. I’ve paired down so much, there’s no room left for any loss. If you’re the praying type, do me a favor; pray the tie down is stronger than the winds. Let me little labor of love, my vessel to happiness stay strong through the storm. In the meantime, I’m going to love on my sisters and embarrass their kids by the enthusiasm of love from their Aunt Muffy. 

Mental note: I need to make a poster to hold up tonight cheering on my favorite cheerleader. That’s cool right? All teenagers want a poster made declaring the love and support from their biggest fan in the stands, right! 

Stay safe y’all! We’ve got a day before landfall.