How to Catch a Chicken: Get a Fishing Net 

If you’ve been following along, you know I had a big field trip to City Hall on Day 43 of WTH Am I Doing. As you all know, anything with government is lightening fast! Not really. It isn’t at all. It’s the exact opposite of that. The waiting has left me in what I’m calling “Building Limbo.” 

Finally after many, many hotel stays I made it back to the RV with kind of power. Even though some of the hotels were lovely, it was still extremely stressful. There was just too much unknown, too much hurry up and wait. Most definitely way too much not knowing where I would be the next night. Being back in the RV has been extremely comforting. Crazy how it’s beginning to feel like home. Must be the floors. Funny how not seeing the ground can be this reassuring. 

Getting back into my new safe zone of knowing where I’ll be each night and thinking of the RV as home, it freed up all kinds of head space. All the freed up life space and building limbo gave me the whole weekend to have new adventures and to slip back into my old life for a minute. It was very exciting. I showered, I put on a dress, I did normal things. My, how my standards have changed. But, I’m getting ahead of myself!

There’s been too much going on for me to have the chance to realize what all I’ve been missing. I miss Park Circle. All my favorite hangouts, my neighbors, the community as a whole. So I completely destroyed a burger over at Sesame in the old hood. Not being able to truly escape the land of tiny houses, I mapped out my day while attempting to eat every butter pickle they had. The afternoon,  I hit up some of the really amazing salvage places here in Charleston. It felt like I was on an HGTV show! 

First up, Carolina Building Materials and Salvage. It just so nifty. Not only can you score some amazing salvage pieces, it has this old school hardware store feel. I’m also especially attached to the old men there. If salvage isn’t for you, they have new as well. 

After a quick run through there, I made my way on over to Sustainable Warehouse. I’m not really sure what I would do with those humongous jars, I sure do want them though. They have a website, but their Facebook page is the way to go. They post all kinds of cool stuff as it comes in. Word to the wise, you see something you like, you better snag it before someone else does! Items go fast. This was my first time over to their new location. It’s way smaller than their old warehouse space, but like I said, their Facebook page is where it is at! 

Missing my community, I swung back over to the Circle for Palmetto Brewery’s welcome to the neighborhood Octoberfest. Not the best idea on my part. Approaching the event I saw tons of girls in their dresses ready for some day drinking. I miss the days of getting dressed from a closet instead of a Rubbermaid bin after a shower with indoor plumbing. My frumpiness has gotten out of hand. It’s perfectly acceptable for working on the RV, not so much for the social life I had been absent from for so long. 

My own little pity party started to get the best of me. Luckily, I complained to the exact right friend. A simple wish we were same state, same city was met with “I’ll see you in 5 hours.” Sometimes you’re graced with friends you’ve had all of time who just 100% get you. The ones that will look you straight in the eyes and say “you live in an RV in a trailer park. You’re completely insane, but I love that.” 

With new vigor, I actually got ready on a Saturday night armed with a new dress (mostly bc I don’t know where my dresses currently are) and a handle of bourbon.  Funny story, much like my dresses, I don’t know where my cups are and I didn’t have ice or even a way to keep ice cold. Giant slurpie cups from the gas station just seemed like the most logical solution. 

When you wake up the next day in an RV bunk after giant slurpie sized fun, you get a great view of all your wreckage. 

Tacos were needed stat. The weekend wasn’t over and there were more adventures in store. 

Sunday, I took my first trip to the Coastal Carolina Flea Market. Holy sensory overload, Batman! My original intentions were to find extension cords, that was a bust but I did make some mental notes of some booths to hit a little further into the build. 

Don’t you love those industrial light covers? Alas, like the giant glass jars, what would I do with them now? The best item of the weekend that I really had to hold myself back from were the potbellied pigs. Because really, what would I do with a potbellied pig? 

It was a mess of the senses with booths for stripper wear and tuxedos for rent to tires to the produce section, you could probably find just about anything there. 

Hands down, the BEST part were the chickens. One had escaped and I desperately wanted to see him cross the road. He must have escaped the fishing net. Oh, that doesn’t make any sense? Let me show you:​​

​​That’s right, she’s scooping the chickens up in a fishing net! So there you have it folks! You ever need to catch chicken? Get yourself a fishing net!