Tiny Houses In Charleston!

Awhile back, I took a visit over to Hawthorne City, where there are tiny houses! There are 4 to be exact! One of them I knew I recognized! It’s mega expensive and I’m going to tell you all about it.

For those of you who weren’t around for the days of #MuffyOnTheMove on my personal Facebook, let tell you about Hawthorne City. It definitely deserves it’s title of a city. With approximately 300 lots, the place is huge. I had to have the front office talk me through the maze to them and give me a map. For those of you in the area, it’s over off Rivers Ave in North Charleston behind the Burger King and goes all the way down behind the Shoney’s.

They are the home to both trailers and RVs, hence how they have tiny houses and they’ve got a mega waiting list. Some of their trailers have been there for 30 years. From what I gather, they started taking RVs after some city issues with trees and power lines. The current trailers were grandfathered in, new trailers couldn’t clear the lines so they started taking RVs. That is what I took away from the conversation, I could be completely wrong. I got a run down of tiny homes they allow and ones they have to turn away (mostly based on how their electrical is grounded, I’ve got a whole post on that coming up.)

Some of you were really excited about the tiny houses being somewhere. Not to burst the bubble and the staff is SUPER nice, but I don’t know that Hawthorne City is where I would want to reside for all of my days. There are some RVs, mostly the city is compiled of trailers. Everyone is modge podged in wherever. There were a LOT of my beloved lawn flamingos, several Jesus statues, a water feature, and (my personal fav) A REAL LIVE PARROT! Someone was out cleaning their mega nice, huge boat with their parrot chilling on the windshield. I couldn’t get close enough to hear if the parrot was singing some Jimmy Buffett.

Let’s talk about these tiny houses.

First up and the staff at Hawthorne’s fav, this beast of a house:

Why so huge you ask? They’ve taken an old mobile home bed and put a tiny house on it. (Surprise! That’s actually what I think I’m ending up doing! In true Murphy’s Law fashion, I’m going to hold off on sharing until I have it all in hand. Who knows what can happen.) The house itself is still small, it just has this ginormous porch taking up the rest of the trailer frame. These things come in at like 50 ft in length!


Next up:


Now, I know I have seen this little blue house somewhere. It’s driving me nuts. It isn’t finished yet? It didn’t register that it was on site when they told me about it so I didn’t get to ask if they have been building it there. Anyone know where this guy comes from?

Finally! The big dog!

This tiny house was built on a goose neck trailer, also known as a fifth wheel. What’s a fifth wheel? Why I am glad you asked! That do-hickey in the front? That mounts onto a special towing hitch(?) in the back of a flatbed truck. Fun fact, after my first week in the RV I seriously started rethinking lofts. After bonking my head (and bonking some go get ’em into me) pretty early on, I started looking at sleeping loft options and changed up my floor plan borrowing from a goose neck trailer. Here I am being sidetracked.

Just like I know that little blue house looks familiar, I knew this one did too. Sure enough, I had seen it online. But why is it really popular right now? This house is being featured on Tiny House Nation this Saturday! I caught my first episode of Tiny House Nation during the hotel stay this weekend, think I like it. You can read my off the cuff takeaway: 2 Fridges, 1 Missed Point. Of course, now that I am ready to talk about it I can’t find the builder. Here’s what hasn’t escaped me: it’s $60,000 base and $73,000 fully loaded. That’s an awful lot of money to spend on a tiny house and to be chilling over in Hawthorne City! Check out the preview for Saturday’s episode HERE on their Facebook page. Note that at least one person has commented that that is their tiny house model as well. Mind. Blown.