2 Fridges, 1 Missed Point

During my luxury of hotel living, I’ve been taking advantage of TV, specifically college football. After a clobbering by the Tide, I decided to take a time out on football and catch my first ever episode of Tiny House Nation. Granted, it’s my first episode, but I feel like they’ve missed the point.

This woman said that having two TVs are mandatory. They have His & Her fridges.  They wanted drywall and a big deck. Let’s talk about the drywall and deck. Drywall is no good on the road, it doesn’t flex. The builders told them the deck would throw off the balance of the house and towing.

Oh, the flashback just came on. They show them each lounging and watching TV separately. 

I’m really torn. A big part of me thinks you’re missing the point. The other part of me thinks “go you for finding a way!” 

 The big reason I’m going tiny is to have bigger life experiences (paired with financial freedom). Don’t get me wrong, one of the few items I kept was my 55″ TV. I starved and missed Thanksgiving Day parade brunch to get it on Thanksgiving Day for $236! It was the first TV I’ve had in 8 years, I deserved it. Look who has been sacrificing for years! No brunch and lots of reading. (totally first world problems sacrificing brunch for a giant tv)

I think one of the big faux pas of all the tiny houses is that they practically never have TVs (other huge issues: potties and death stairs. I don’t believe tiny house dwellers drink, but that’s for another time). 

I’ve been sucked in with a second episode starting. Check back with me on what I think around 3am when this marathon ends.