Hotel, Do Tell

I’m concerned this week of indoor living has done more harm than good. Don’t get me wrong, I cannot wait to go back to regular indoor living. It’s not just the big things like having a floor and a bathroom, it’s the little stuff like being able to sit up in bed and not climb down from a bunk. Returning to the RV is something I might be dreading. 

The hotel stays have also created this unknown panic. Where will Mizzou spend the day? Even though I showered last night, I should make myself shower again this morning simply because it’s there. When will I just have a shower right here again? 

It isn’t just how unbearable this Southern heat is without electricity, it’s how the hell am I ever going to fix this situation or move forward without any power? Plus, this is costing me way too much money. Hotels and Mizzou babysitting. Upside, I rarely eat anymore which might balance some of this out. 

 For the first time in my life, I’m ready for summer to be over just so I don’t freakin bake in my hot tin can.