Day 36 of WTH Am I Doing

The lessons of being caught up in a label.

Big excitement today! With all this electricity and indoor plumbing, I managed to get the blog for real live with a Muffy On The Move Facebook page and all! How did I get all this rocking and rolling? Well, from Motel 6 of course! Please. Like I’m ever going to have indoor plumbing and electricity again. That day is never going to come.

I want to do this legit. For reals. I’m doing permits, inspections, modifications, the whole shebang. And guess what being all legit gets you today? (though in this scenario I have no option other than legit) NO POWER. It’s all gotten tied up together. The permit for temporary power to build a tiny house has been backtracked to discuss tiny houses. I feel like one is related to the other, just not the same thing. The label “tiny houses” makes everything complicated with permits (I’ve got an ongoing list of tiny house mislabeled info here) Can we maybe talk about tiny houses after we get power? In reality, I feel like maybe somewhere I’ve filled out my form incorrectly. Or maybe I’m being sabotaged by one of you out there reading. Whoever you are, quit it. The dark and the heat tear me down while hotel visits are tearing down my bank account.

I know, I know there have been offers to let me come stay it’s just not that easy. I have Mizzou and I go to work. Is she kosher at your place while I’m gone? Are you close enough that I can let her out on my lunch? What if she houdinis out of her crate and sits on your couch to watch soaps when dogs aren’t allowed on your couch? So many factors.

It’s fine. Power maybe tomorrow. I know, I’m the boy who cried wolf. Just have to keep my hopes up. On the upside, power and plumbing-less is way easier on weekends when I don’t have to be icky in the office. The morning should give me an idea of how far back my timeframe is being pushed. The trailer is supposed to come this weekend! Maybe not so much now. Fingers crossed!

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