Big Misconception With Tiny Houses on Wheels

Not that I’m a complete expert, I’m just a nerd who’s done a lot of research. There are some big things people don’t have spot on with tiny houses on wheels. (A list in progress based on questions I get)

  1. It’s on wheels, you can go anywhere! Yeah, but not really. Even though they’re tiny houses they weigh a lot, we’re talking at least 7,500 lbs empty. You can’t just hitch that up and hit the road. You need some massive power in a truck to tow that. In comparison, an 18 ft boat is about 2,200 lbs. Plus, all those cute, smaller than average decorations? Those all have to be secured! 
  2. Tiny houses aren’t even houses. To finagle through loop holes they’re technically classified as a Recreational Vehicle (RV). They get RCVA stickers. That and the electrical are two of the classifiers. That’s how they’re allowed to have death stairs, lofts with such low ceilings, and no official bedrooms with 4 walls, door, and a closet. 
  3. Size Matters Tiny houses in general are under 400 sq ft. Tiny houses on wheels have to keep the height under 13.5 ft. and no more than 8.5 ft wide. They can’t be longer than 40 ft not exceed 65 ft including the vehicle towing it. 
  4. What’s in a name? RV and motorhome are the same. RVs you can drive. Trailer and campers are towed.