Day 31 of WTH Am I Doing:

Today is the day I’ve been banned for life from Elite Towing. Just a little disagreement, a little miscommunication, and a couple of threats to tow my RV back to their lot. I mean, really, at this point I would have been like “bye RV.” It’s fine, the damn RV is never going to need to be towed ever again.
Aretha might hate the RV the most though. Her safe spot was under the front seat until the engine started when we backed it up. Now she resides inthe farthest back corner face to the wall.

We’ve just got to make it through tonight. Tomorrow we’re snagging a generator! This camping fan is ba-hooey. Genius magnetic tent mounting though. I decided that if fraternity boys can duct tape a human to a wall, I can manage a fan. Not that it can go on the ceiling since the ceiling is about 14 inches from my face. Only an hour and a half until bedtime! Tomorrow I’m hoping for floors, a shower, and a chance to charge my phone. Monday means electricity! By the end of the week plumbing! I’m sure in there somewhere I can flip over to a blog where I can cover boring stuff like water pumps, RV hot water heaters that convert to tiny houses, and such. Couple of weeks, we’ll be seeing housework if I’m lucky. (Which means in like 8 years by my current track record). Just got to make it through tonight!