Day 30 of WTH Am I Doing Pt 2:

What did I say last night? Don’t jinx it. Of course I did. The tow guy showed up then left to have his buddy come back. He never came. It got dark and now I’m the worst backyard guest on earth. New tow company tomorrow at $150 an hour. Mental note, next venture buy a tow truck. I realize there’s probably a big gap in the story line from when it drove to Samantha’s to being towed. I’ll cover that when after I get electricity (which feels like never).
There is one huge stress that has lessened. We have Aretha. Granted, now I’m terrified she’ll escape and be lost forever in Summerville. For now, all my Creatures are curled up in the bunk with me which makes it all almost okay. It’s rounding on 9pm and you now what that means! Bedtime. Tomorrow we’ve got an early day of towing and flooring and no luxuries of civilization.