Day 28 of WTH Am I Doing:

There’s nothing really new, mostly I just feel like I need to leave everyone on a better note than yesterday. The rain has sufficiently stopped everything. I can’t move the RV in the rain. I can’t work on the RV in the rain. Really all I can do in the RV in the rain is discover things that need to be fixed. I know it’s been a lot of RV lately and not a lot of tiny house on wheels. It seems like there’s just a lot of going over the same stuff in different ways. All of it getting closer to when the Iron Curtain momentarily comes down (which might be torture for me). You have to be quiet when you’re trying to slip through a loophole.

Fun fact: you thought Pinterest was a rabbit hole, you should check out RV blogs. I absolutely positively have to get on the roof this weekend. Steve from the RV forum said I need to check the mounting gasket for the AC and Bill told me how easy it is to install a skylight over the old chimney. I’ve also decided that if I’m going to get grouped in with RV peeps, I want the old people with matching Hawaiian shirts and suspenders over the NASCAR ones. So Saturday if anyone wants to wear a matching Hawaiian shirt with me or spot me while I attempt to get up on the roof, you’d be more than welcome!