Day 25 of WTH Am I Doing:

I showered in the tub with a garden hose that we fed through the window. I am beyond Uncle Eddie at this point. Why? Well, because we took out the water lines! Duh.

Remember that steal of a deal I made on the RV? Psych! It really isn’t that bad, just the fridge fell through the floor into the wheel well. Which led to the whole RV being gutted and new flooring going down tomorrow. Hollar if you come across any free kitchen cabinets! On the upside, I‘m clean and laying my head down on my extremely expensive, special sized RV mattress in a safe location. It was a good day. Oh! And super big exciting news that will have to wait until tomorrow because really I can’t top showering with a garden hose and a small concern I might wake up next to a raccoon who has crawled up through the semi exposed wheel shaft. Maybe this is how we get our own Pumpkin the Raccoon wanna be. I’m probably going to need adding a rabies shot to my current list of needing a tetanus shot.