Day 19 of WTH Am I Doing:

Tomorrow is moving day and tonight is the last night in the house. All I am is exhausted. Three days of yard sales was a great success. I’ve got some phenomenal people in my life. I’ll save you all from the notification mania. Thank you for everyone who came out and took something away. A million thank yous to those who came over to offer unsolicited extra sets of hands. There’s not enough time in the day and definitely not enough of me. Cleaners, movers, and charities coming tomorrow. It’s worth every penny of that $70 for the boxes to be toted off to Summerville for me while Mizzou and I get some much deserved rest. Hotel life for us until the RV is ready Thursday! I’ve been informed that I am NOT allowed to drive the RV around Park Circle picking everyone up for ice cream. Wouldn’t it be fun to ride with me in my house?! Everyone wants to know if I’m excited/scared/anxious/etc. I’m just exhausted. Ask me again on Wednesday when I’ve had the chance to sleep and get my bearings again. This is happening. No turning back.