Day 18 of WTH Am I Doing:

How has it only been 18 days?! There’s so much to tell! Two days of yard sales are done! Tons of stuff left (please come take some stuff). Tomorrow is the last day in the house. Two nights in a hotel then we move into the RV (hopefully). Super thanks to all the offers to stay with you, but for reals after all this work a staycation will be fab. Hello central AC! Since Aretha is mostly an outdoor cat, I feel like it will be less stressful for her to hangout outside for 2 days instead of going to the vet to hangout. Any cat people have an opinion on this?

I am even financially on what I’ve spent on the RV with what I made from the yard sale with a tiny bit towards the tiny house. Money saving lot is back on! AND I got a FREE trailer to build on! I think next weekend the trailer gets set up, the weekend after the framing drops in, then 3 weekends from now interiors? I don’t know, it’s all a guess. This is what the hotel stay will be to think over. I can’t even get this house cleared out though I do work well on a time crunch! Speak now if you want to swing a hammer or bring over a beverage over to watch. Or speak not, I’ll be asking again when I’ve got details.
Dan, the guy I bought the RV from on Craigslist, has been helping tons and been crazy patient on giving input on the 12 million sets of plans I’ve sketched up. He’s been crazy helpful overall. Fixing the RV, Home Depot AND Lowe’s trips, upholstery, plans, setting up Friday night for the yard sale. Some of you even met him at the yard sale. Seems like maybe that vow of us becoming best friends was a little short of how things have panned out. Tons more to tell, I don’t want to bore y’all so I’ll attempt to break it up over the next few days/weeks! Happy adventures!