Powering Up & Power Tools

uber-has-changed-my-life-and-as-god-is-my-witness-i-will-never-take-a-taxi-again-where-available.jpgToday, as God as my witness, there WILL be power!

It will be over my dead body that they take that back up extension cord away. On the small chance (okay, HUGE chance) that I don’t get power today, I’ve got an extension cord. Crazy right? I can just plug my house up like those cars at the Tanger Outlets. I wonder if I could plug my house up at Tanger….probably not.


It doesn’t take a special kind of plug to plug in the RV, the extension cord just needs to have the right gauge and voltage to get the compressor on the AC going. For instance, I need an extension cord that is at least 12 gauge and a minimum of 15 amps. Think of those big orange, outdoor construction extension cords, like that. And it will need to be 100 ft long to reach my target. That is where it gets expensive. In my head I was thinking hundreds probably because everything has been hundreds thus far. I looked, it’s only about $80 at Home Depot or Lowe’s. I found one on Craigslist, the guy hasn’t responded yet though. Then, hello! Where is my head! I started calling pawn shops.

For those of you that are jumping in and don’t have tools, you need to hit pawn shops. Don’t get all judgy, you’ve been considering a compost toilet. There is no room to judge. Pawn shops are an amazing place to find a good deal on quality tools. You’ll be able to get the hardcore, heavy duty stuff you need at basic prices. This is especially true when the weather gets cold and the construction jobs slow down. You can test them out there or return them within a time frame, just like a regular store.

Myself, I’m relatively handy with my own set of tools. It blows my mind how there are so many of you out there who have never used tools before and are going for it. Tiny Life did a post listing all the tools you will need to build a tiny house (you can read it HERE), he says that he spent roughly $1500 on tools. That’s like half my entire house budget. Somewhere one of the bloggers who posted a tool inventory actually said something along the lines of “don’t worry, I didn’t know what a claw hammer when I started either.”

In case you don’t know, this is a claw hammer: 900031872_0_9999_v1_m56577569831260140

The first time I read that, I thought “Dear Lord, what are these people getting into?! No wonder it takes these documentary folks years to build a tiny house!” Sidenote: I often also wonder why these documentary folks don’t have any friends to come help them.

Bishes, I will be calling all y’all over for an Amish style barn raising except with beer.

The more I thought about it the more my “Bless your heart” turned into “go on you! Not knowing about a hammer and building a tiny house!”


Except you, that one lady who commented that it was very helpful to have a list of tools because she was a woman. Not go you, lady.


Don’t go setting us all back. You not knowing about construction tools has nothing to do with being female.

UPDATE: the extension cord is saving my life! Power on, friend! Power on! 



Day 43 of WTH Am I Doing: Adventures in Being Legal

I don’t know which upsets me more: that my “ask me if when I’m due,” wear it only when I’m mega low on laundry, purple balloon dress seems to be good luck or that I got teary during the freaking meeting. You see, one of my co-cospirators often says that I’m homeless and that the collective we of whoever is in the room needs to help me. Usually, it makes me want to jump in to say “I’m not that kind of homeless!” Only today, when they were talking it kind of hit hard. I am that kind of homeless. F***. 

It went well (maybe the make look pregnant dress helped excuse the getting teary). First up, Planning & Zoning. Turns out that flipping Hawthorne City is a special case on zoning. Oh, don’t you worry! I’m all over finding out the ins and outs of that ba-huey! They’re flipping grandfathered into dual zoning somehow. Oh, but I will learn their secret! I will learn! 

On top of that, I’ve got some homework to do and some research to share. Learned a bunch. 

Next I wandered to Building, where it takes all I have in me not to yell “why can’t I have power?!” I also seriously have reached the point of staking out the head of the department one morning, ambushing him with coffee and gumption. Luckily, (freaking preggo dress) I caught 4.3 mins with him. Double luck! LEGAL POWER TOMORROW! At the very least, crazy long extension cords. 

There is a guy who just worked the same route in exploring with the city, which is a really good thing. Not to be shrouded in tiny house mystery, I’m not going to cover that yet. Let’s see what they’ll let us do then I’ll share the path of the tiny. That leads to my most frustrating point, flipping labels. Know how I pleaded for them just to tell me what to do or say or whatever on the level of extreme daddy issues? Turns out the moment anyone hears “tiny house on wheels” they shut down. Jay Shaffer did a podcast called  “Can You Take The Tiny Out of the Trailer Park?” that said they should just  call them habitable vehicles. It makes me think of the interview with the guy who created golden doodles and has regretted it ever since. That’s right, that adorable fluff was a Frankenstein he wants to take back, read it HERE

This seems really jumbled and will probably get a rewrite at the very least. Did I cover everything everyone was worried about today? 

City went well, no No’s

I’m homeless and out of the hotel, but staying with a friend until POWER tomorrow!

Labels are bad. 

Day IDK of WTH Am I Doing:

It’s midnight, right? It feels like midnight. This is definitely one of those days where I wonder how I thought I had enough energy to do this. Upside of being exhausted, I’ll sleep. With the meeting with the city tomorrow, I thought I might not be able to sleep. Looks like probably solved! Snooze is on. No pressure on the last indoor sleeping. It’s also like a million degrees out. No panic. JUST GIVE ME POWER! 

I can’t even with what all is panning out. That makes for a terrible update. This is probably better to not overshare until I know what the city has to say. It’s all in guys. There’s no hiding from them after I show up on their door step! 

Send some good vibes. Any last minute advice, super appreciated. 

If Only You Were a Million

Gearing up for my meeting and studying up on what’s the whats across the country. I wish there were a million followers out there who could be like “bam! Here’s my knowledge!” Where do you live? What’s the word on tiny houses there? What do you wish you could tell me? 

How is that fair? 

Stopped over at the RV today to check on it and feed Mizzou’s cat (yeah, my dog has a cat). Noticed that the trailer in a lot over isn’t building a deck, they’re flipping adding onto their trailer LIKE A WHOLE ROOM. Do they have a big yellow building permit sign posted? No. Me? I can’t even get a meter. Good visit guys! 

2 Fridges, 1 Missed Point

During my luxury of hotel living, I’ve been taking advantage of TV, specifically college football. After a clobbering by the Tide, I decided to take a time out on football and catch my first ever episode of Tiny House Nation. Granted, it’s my first episode, but I feel like they’ve missed the point.

This woman said that having two TVs are mandatory. They have His & Her fridges.  They wanted drywall and a big deck. Let’s talk about the drywall and deck. Drywall is no good on the road, it doesn’t flex. The builders told them the deck would throw off the balance of the house and towing.

Oh, the flashback just came on. They show them each lounging and watching TV separately. 

I’m really torn. A big part of me thinks you’re missing the point. The other part of me thinks “go you for finding a way!” 

 The big reason I’m going tiny is to have bigger life experiences (paired with financial freedom). Don’t get me wrong, one of the few items I kept was my 55″ TV. I starved and missed Thanksgiving Day parade brunch to get it on Thanksgiving Day for $236! It was the first TV I’ve had in 8 years, I deserved it. Look who has been sacrificing for years! No brunch and lots of reading. (totally first world problems sacrificing brunch for a giant tv)

I think one of the big faux pas of all the tiny houses is that they practically never have TVs (other huge issues: potties and death stairs. I don’t believe tiny house dwellers drink, but that’s for another time). 

I’ve been sucked in with a second episode starting. Check back with me on what I think around 3am when this marathon ends. 

Under Cover

Last night we crawled into the bed closest to the AC. Since then we’ve slept in and decided to stay in. We’ve got cable. It’s football all day, that’s what normal us would have done. 

Day 37 of WTH Am I Doing: No Power For You

I’m starting to realize why people skip through loop holes and build illegal tiny houses. Just going to be honest, this is hands down my breaking point. It’s been, what 3 weeks without indoor plumbing? (that part really isn’t that bad and was maybe more my fault then circumstances) Now rounding out 2 weeks without electricity.

Checking out of Motel 6 today, I told myself I can stand on my head. It’s just two days. Monday, the power will be on. The thought that it could be Thursday of next week, IF EVER, until I get power is crippling. I do not know that I can keep it together that long. At this point why did I even bother with the RV? I could just be living in some stupid tent with better airflow and no stupid, overly expensive, special bunk sized mattress! 

Luckily, the universe was looking out for me. Just before I learned there’s no power for me, one of my AMAZING sisters sent me a hotel confirmation. At the time I was all “I couldn’t! This is too much!” Then the news of the power came and I sang a different tune. Clearly, I was wrong. My cheap motels this last week were a bad plan. THIS HOTEL IS PHENOM. This hotel is the best thing ever. 

I’m spending my weekend studying zoning laws and ordinances in prep for my meeting next week. 
It is thrilling to be involved with the possible changes of tiny houses. You know me, I’m all over being involved (strangers, if you don’t know me, I’m overly involved). I just happened to be the right go getter in the right place to be around to discuss. Changes take time, but maybe in the meantime we can maybe let me have a meter from the power company. Straight up asked “if I promise not to build anything right now, could I get electricity?” That’s a direct quote. They have to get back to me on that one. Great. Thanks. 

Hotel, Do Tell

I’m concerned this week of indoor living has done more harm than good. Don’t get me wrong, I cannot wait to go back to regular indoor living. It’s not just the big things like having a floor and a bathroom, it’s the little stuff like being able to sit up in bed and not climb down from a bunk. Returning to the RV is something I might be dreading. 

The hotel stays have also created this unknown panic. Where will Mizzou spend the day? Even though I showered last night, I should make myself shower again this morning simply because it’s there. When will I just have a shower right here again? 

It isn’t just how unbearable this Southern heat is without electricity, it’s how the hell am I ever going to fix this situation or move forward without any power? Plus, this is costing me way too much money. Hotels and Mizzou babysitting. Upside, I rarely eat anymore which might balance some of this out. 

 For the first time in my life, I’m ready for summer to be over just so I don’t freakin bake in my hot tin can.