Day 11 of WTH Am I Doing:

I cried. The RV is not finished being painted, the flooring is not done, the cleaners had a mixup putting everything behind. Honestly, I don’t know when it is going to get done. My lot spot fell through Wednesday and Plan B, Plan C, & Plan D haven’t come together yet. It isn’t a great money saving plan if I have to pay $547 for a lot rental (not that that’s even available). I am kicking ass in my life, just not across the board. Surely, there has to be a balance. Upside, I’m loving the color scheme and my new bestie Dan has been amazing. It kind of freaks me out thinking of doing this without his help since I clearly do not know enough about mechanics. Oh! The worst part?!? I RUINED MY BEAUTIFUL EYELASHES WHILE PAINTING