WTH Am I Doing Delayed Update:

Yesterday got hijacked by a balance of great and terrible. Today I feel exactly like the weather while sitting in the doctor’s office. Better to randomly update than give a recap with my mood. Money saving plan back on track! Back to my corner lot by the creek (very similar to a van down by the river). No need for anyone to worry! Positive appreciated, panic not necessary! The weather is destroying RV prep which means Friday and yard sale Saturday get my full attention this evening after Get Lit: Book & Wine Club. I’ll be so ready for champ come Friday.

Day 11 of WTH Am I Doing:

I cried. The RV is not finished being painted, the flooring is not done, the cleaners had a mixup putting everything behind. Honestly, I don’t know when it is going to get done. My lot spot fell through Wednesday and Plan B, Plan C, & Plan D haven’t come together yet. It isn’t a great money saving plan if I have to pay $547 for a lot rental (not that that’s even available). I am kicking ass in my life, just not across the board. Surely, there has to be a balance. Upside, I’m loving the color scheme and my new bestie Dan has been amazing. It kind of freaks me out thinking of doing this without his help since I clearly do not know enough about mechanics. Oh! The worst part?!? I RUINED MY BEAUTIFUL EYELASHES WHILE PAINTING

My Friendship Is A Gang

Besides the awesomeness of last night, hands down my favorite part was me saying “this is Dan, I bought my RV from him. I told him we’re going to be best friends!” And Beth leaning over to whisper to him “you’ll be sorry.” Remember that friendship bracelet I gave him back on Day 6? Totes […]

Day 9 of WTH Am I Doing:

Two seconds after I sent a text to a friend that I am officially a little worried, God was like “Girl, please. Let me show you.” My cellphone rang with a reporter from News 2 for an interview. My press release has been picked up by two news stations and ran in the Post & Courier on story I put out about my neighborhood. This giant leap to be able to focus on going out on my own is completely worth it. I am for reals good at what I do. I need to worry about nothing, pray about everything, and maybe focus on some boxes. For those of you that don’t know me in real life, I want to have my own marketing firm. The driving force in all of this is redefining my own success to be able to focus on making that part of my life grow.

Day 6 of WTH Am I Doing:

The motorhome that was bought sight unseen has been seen! A thrill shot through me when I drove up! One that I tried to hold onto after I went inside. It needs work. The mechanics DK Auto are quickly becoming my new best friends. No. Really. I gave the owner my friendship bracelet. After a crazy weekend that overflowed into Monday, I realize I can’t do this in 10 days. Well, I can just not this and everything else going on. I’m going to push my deadline back to Labor Day. Sunday the RV gets a professional deep clean. Next up painting and flooring. Taking volunteers and giving out beer.